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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Get Glowing Already!!!

I was looking forward all week to having a relaxing Microdermabrasion Facial at the new Kimara Ahnert  Makeup Studio in Greenwich Ct.  It is a large, gorgeous space, located on the heart of, "the Avenue".   I undressed in a spacious dressing room, thoughtfully equipped with a large basket of after treatment fix me ups; blow dryer, flat iron, brushes and styling products.  I slipped into a freshly laundered robe and then sipped tea, in an antiseptically clean treatment room, with crisp sheets, that were gently warmed..This, I can get used to...

I knew my head was in great hands, the minute I saw my Aesthetician Andreea's flawless, glowing too please!!!  It's been several years since my last microdermabrasion treatment. Aluminum Oxide crystals are used  to exfoliate the outer layer of the skin, while a deep suction wand sweeps away the debris.  Like childbirth, you forget the pain, but only when it's all over and you see your prize;  fresh baby pink skin staring back at you.   Andrea's skillful passes with the suction wand, were painstakingly, done, section by section. I would liken it to someone ice skating on my face.  I'm a, "no pain, no gain" kinda Girl, so I held my breath, and looked forward to seeing the results. Suck it up, Diva!

Andreea promised there would be lots of relaxing pampering afterwards and she made good on her promise.  First,  I had a soothing, deep cleansing facial.  After microdermabrasion, Andrea's extractions felt like angel's big deal.   She gently massaged my feet and hands with a luscious cream and topped each appendage with a warming mitt.  Another round of creams and serums topped off my facial.  I felt deeply relaxed and pampered.  An almost glorious hour and a half later, my treatment was over and Andreea was excited for me to see her handiwork in her hand mirror.   Rebirth!!!! Spectacular!

I had dinner plans shortly afterwards, for a belated Birthday celebration and it felt like sacrilege to put make up on my scrupulously clean, glowing skin.  The alternative, was to do something I haven't done since I was a teenager...go out at night without a stitch of face makeup, not a blip of blush, hint of bronzer or a drop of concealer.  Andreea suggested, the way to maximize the results, is in a series of 5 microdermabrasion treatments 3 weeks apart, once a year and never during the summer months.  The goal is to minimize pores, redness, sun spots and fine lines...sign me up coach!

If my skin looks this good after the first treatment...imagine how it will look after the fifth.  Who knows!  Maybe I will turn into a no makeup type...ya.  Don't hold your breath!


 P.S.  Don't forget!  All my local Lovelies will get 10% off their first treatment at Kimara Ahnert when you mention DivaDebbi between now and 12/31/10, (Greenwich only). Treat yourself!!!

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