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Monday, February 14, 2011

Surfing Sephora

At the recommendation of my equally beauty obsessed cousin Karyn last Christmas, I ran out and purchased MAC's powder blush in "Dainty".  Our coloring is similar and I could see how this would also be a perfect choice for was, for well over a year.  Last week, I finally hit rock bottom.  The only challenge was replacing it.  MAC purchases are a bit off my beaten path.  Sephora, however, is directly on it...

I know the beauty industry must also evolve and respond to each seasons trends with  new palettes that will complement them...I get it, I do.  Regardless, I'm sticking with the colors that look best on me...aren't you???  In terms of blush, my ideal shade is a rosy coral with a hint of shimmer  If it is long wearing, so much the better.  I also usually like to "pop" it, with a hint of cream or gel blush, right on the apple of the cheek.  I have been using Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks for this purpose for the last few years. I decided to try Josie Moran's Argan ColorStick in Petal Pink,  after reading a rave review.  I  prefer to actually eyeball my cosmetics rather than order them from Internet swatches, but since they only make two shades, I decided to take a gamble, particularly after confirming that they will  accept online Sephora returns at their retail stores. No worries!  Happily, I love it.

I found myself  trolling the aisles at Sephora, looking to replace my MAC Dainty.  In theory, this shade seems like it would be easily replaced.  Not so. As a last resort, I took a good hard look at the enormous display of Sephora's private label cosmetics, something I usually stroll past without a second glance. Next time, I won't be so uppity.  I found  Blush Me! in Meringue Jolousse and knew I had found my match. I think it is even prettier than Dainty!  Blush Me is available in 2 matte and 6 shimmering shades. I checked the website and over 1500  reviewers gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars. This is how Sephora describes it:

A long lasting, silicone based powder blush with micronized talc.  Forumulated to higlight, contour and adds radiance to your cheeks with these soft, blendable cheek colors. Can also be used on eyes for a pop of vibrant color.  Size 0.14 oz.  $12

The price is unbeatable and so is this blendable, long wearing blush.  Here is how it looks on me, unretouched after 12 hours of wear:  

The next time I need to replace something or purchase something new, I will surf the Sephora aisle. Maybe not first, but with as much interest and respect as all the other brands offered. I recommend you do the same.
Sephora,  it seems, has got it going on!



  1. This has been one of my favorite blushes for a long while now! It's absolutely glowing on you =)

  2. great review i absolutely agree! must check the Sephora nano lip lipners as well! USD$5 and absolutely blendable, creamy and great for filling in lips

  3. Wow! Amazing wear! I am very curious about the Josie Maran Argan Colour Stick...

  4. Thanks Joey!
    I'm glad you had already discovered it...Blush Me is a winner. This shade looks even prettier over a tan!

    Thanks for the tip about their nano lip liner. I will absolutely check them out!

    I do like the Josie Maran Argan Colour stick. The good news is that it stays where you put it, the bad news is that it is not that blendale. It is working perfectly as a pop over a veil of the Blush Me. I am just tapping it on at the top of my cheekbone.

    I like Josie Maran products! I wish my Greenwich Sephora carried the line...I always prefer to see and touch my purchases if possible.

    Thanks for commenting Girls!




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