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Monday, December 20, 2010

Brushing Up on Brushing Up

Last Thursday's New York Times Style section, featured an apropos article in its weekly Skin Deep column, titled "Wildly Abrasive". The abrasion, is caused by a process called "dry brushing" and it just so happens that I have been doing it before my daily shower for over a month now.  Do I love being ahead of the curve???  You betcha!!!  What is dry brushing and why on earth am I doing it???

I was inspired to try it, after reading about it on a favorite website of mine The Timeless Beauty.  I stumbled upon this website, after one of their members posted a link to one of my Blogs.  Basically it is a savvy group of beauty enthusiasts, who share their experiences with makeup and skin care products.  The participants are warm and witty and I have learned about things that were off my radar like dry brushing.  Dry brushing aficionados claim that a daily pre-shower scrub with a natural bristle brush, revs circulation, exfoliates, eliminates toxins and over time reduces the look of cellulite.  

Dry brushing is incorporated into Bliss Spas number one treatment FatGirlSlim ($150).  In 2011, they will start selling their own natural-bristle brush.  I found mine at CVS.  The long handle makes reaching all parts a snap.   For 8 bucks, I had nothing to lose except "a pound of toxins daily". Here is what I have discovered, though admittedly, I have yet to master the alternating hot and cold rinses:  It feels fantastic.  It's highly addictive.  My skin feels softer and looks more toned.  My clothes fit better.  Pretty heady stuff.

What do the experts say?  Depends on which experts you ask.  The two Dermatologists interviewed for the Times article, Dr. Tina S. Alster and Dr. Carolyn Jacob basically agree that dry brushing can increase circulation and help the lymphatic system decrease bloating, but pooh poohed everything else.  Spa Directors naturally think it does have the ability to reduce the "appearance of cellulite" ... (hey so does Spanx).  Moi???
I am seeing results already and the the article that I read says not to expect them before 3 months. (

I had planned to write about this at the 3 month mark,  but when heady sources like the New York Times are weighing in on dry brushing,  I thought I should fast track it for you, especially if I am happily seeing results.  Give it a short, quick,stroke  whirl and don't forget to report back. 



  1. I just read about this yesterday morning while checking out some books on Amazon=) I'm gonna start this daily ritual as soon as I get a brush.

    Danae@Believing Unbeliever



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