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Monday, November 15, 2010

Blown Away

How do you know when it's time to buy a new blow dryer???  Well, if it's smoking that's usually a light bulb moment....  It was for me, anyway . For all the $$  I waste  spend on beauty paraphernalia, when it comes to dryers, I have always cheaped out and picked them up at CVS or Target.  There's no doubt that in addition to the skills of the stylist, a top shelf tool will also improve the quality of  a great blow out.  Still, I wasn't interested in spending $225 on a blow dryer.  Surely, there had to be something in the middle...

I have purchased a few things from and pine for one to open near me.  It also helps that so many beauty websites ask for customer reviews...who better to hear it from, than someone who has purchased and tried the product.   You can search by price point and I plugged in $75.00 to see if by chance, there was a lovable dryer at a moderate price point.  To my delight,  I stumbled upon Hot Tools Blue Ice Titanium Ti Ionic Hair Dryer.  Here are the highlights:

Model No. HTBL01
Hot Tools Blue Ice Titanium Ti Ionic Salon Dryer:

Direct Ion technology dries hair up to 40% faster-  CHECK!
Increases softness and shine, helps reduce frizz and sets the style- CHECK!
Lightweight, quiet, powerful and energy efficient -CHECK!
Uses 15% less energy without compromising performance -CHECK!
Multiple heat/speed combinations in separate switches allow total control of heat and airflow-CHECK!
Cool shot for setting the style-CHECK!
Attachments included are - concentrator, straightening pik and finger diffuser -CHECK!
Removable lint filter-CHECK!

The user reviews were filled with comments about how their hair dried quickly and with zero frizz, leaving it shiny and manageable.  It was lightweight and could travel easily, and came with attachments.  What more could I have hoped for?  Maybe the $56.95 price I just saw it available for on Beauty Encounter's website, but hey, I won't split hairs.

I could not wait to wash and dry my hair with it.  Normally, I dry my thick, slightly wavy hair, in seven sections, back to front,  three on each side and one for my bangs in the front.  I could tell immediately that things were happening quicker than usual, so I combined my back two sections and they dried flawlessly.  I then combined the remaining two sections on each side, first the right, than the left...also quickly and without frizz or fly aways.  Last up were the bangs and they were banging.

I got compliments all day and people either asked if I had my haircut or blown...nice!  What appealed to me more, is that I was also able to maintain some fullness, particularly at the crown.  Despite my begging asking not to have my hair blown as straight as an Afghan's, no stylist can seem to resist it.  Bed head the next morning was surprisingly absent too.

So, know need to wait for your own dryer to become a smoking gun before trying the Blue Ice Titanium Ti Ionic Hair Dryer.  This little beauty is a bargain...particularly when you consider it can help you look your best everyday---I think you too, will be blown away.


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