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Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm So Vein...

My favorite scene in The Wizard of Oz, has always been when Dorothy and Company, get treated to a visit to the Beauty Salon in the Emerald City.  Tired and bedraggled from their long journey, they emerge refreshed and revived...After that, I always wondered, what was Dorothy's rush  to go home???---but that's just me.  

In the last few months, I have been focused on rebuilding from the neck down.  There is no question, that today's face creams, have come a long way because they work!!!  Thank God.  My body is still a work in progress.  I continued to fret over my hands, even though I have seen a marked  increase in plumpness, after using Reviva Lab's EFA's Cream.  Vainly, what still had me bonkers, is the unsightly emerald veins on my hands...well not anymore!!! 

Reviva Labs President and Founder, Stephen Strassler took note of this Blog, and nicely suggested a professional , "Hand Facial" once a week, to improve and brighten the look of my hands:  Apply Light Skin Peel #107 to the back of the hands.  Remove when dry after 3-5 minutes.  Massage in Hydrogen Peroxide Green Papaya Mask and set for 10 minutes.  Wipe off with a warm wash cloth and follow up with EFAs Cream to complete the treatment.  He mistakenly thought my vain vein lament was about my legs, and nicely included  Reviva Labs Varicose Vein Lotion for me to try as well.

Here's the poop on #262 Varicose Veins Lotion ( 8 oz for $23):  "An advanced formula, designed to diminish the appearance of veins, strengthen the vein walls and boost circulation.  Ingredients include:  citrus bioflavanoids, (Vitamin P),  hespedirin, derived from lemon peel and horsechesnut and grapeseed  extract.  It also combats swelling of the ankles and lower legs".   Reviva Labs, also recommends taking Vitamin C Complex with Rutin and Bioflavanoids to, "speed and improve results".  Now don't go snoozing on me lovelies...naturally I decided to take matters into my own hands and started slathering them with Varicose Vein Lotion,  twice daily.  Drum roll... Take a look at the before and afters 10 days in:

So Mr. Strassler, you really are a Wizard and I for one, am thankful!!!  Here's good news for  all of my readers:  During the month of October and November, all products are 20% off.  I am crushing on several of them, so I will keep you posted in the upcoming weeks.

Oh, and if  Reviva Labs, (headquartered in N.J.) has an in house Revival Salon like the one Dorothy got to visit, I will be happy to take my own road trip...



  1. The more I read about this line, the more I know I need to try it. As soon as I finish up a few things I am jumping in.

    Thank you Diva Debbi for detailed reviews on this line!

  2. Thanks for your comments JoElla! This brand is a bit under the radar, but they target anti-aging beauty for the total body, as well as the face. Impressive and fairly priced.
    I am a fan, I bet you will be too!


  3. Debbie,
    I love Reviva Labs products, they are effective and affordable! Have you tried the Eye Firming Serum? If not, you need to!

  4. Hi Cindy!
    I have not yet tried it, but if you recommend it, I will put it on my list!

    Right now I am using their Brown Spot lightener. I am stunned at the speed that this is working...days rather than weeks and months for other products I've used. Stay tuned for another Before % After! I'm floored.




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