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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Consolation Prizes

I was really hoping to rock a pair of  "shooties" this Fall, with black opaques and a pencil skirt. Shooties are a hybrid between a shoe and an ankle boot.  My preference is for the open toe types.  It's not my favorite term , but for the moment it applies.

 A funny thing happens when you go from the size 6 1/2 on the display table, to the 10+ that must adorn my feet. .. aadorable, most definitely no longer applies.  They don't just get longer, but significantly higher.  I love me some tall, but 5'12 surpasses my comfort zone.

I finally found a pair of black suede open toe shooties, that fit the bill....chic, with less than a 4 inch heel  and relatively painless in the store.  Over the years, however, I've gotten smarter.  I test drive every pair of shoes, boots and now shoots for a few hours at home.  Only about 50% ever get to hit the road.  Sadly, my shooties are going to have to live in someone elses house.

 I nearly made a clean break, a swift return and a quick exit, but I found myself inexplicably drawn to the Bobbi Brown Holiday offerings.  What looked like a mini box of expensive truffles,  was Bobbi's Pink &;Gold Lip Palette, which stopped me in my tracks.  Be Still My Heart!!! 

The six swatches below, are the gorgeous lip colors in this kit:  Roseberry, Kir (metallic), Pretty Pink (metallic), Sunset Nude, Italian Rose and Brownie.  Housed in a sleek black mirrored case, with lip brush, it is slim enough to slip into a clutch.  Specially priced at $45, this will make a lovely Holiday gift, for anyone who favors a classic rosy nude lip, besides me.

I bought it of course,  but they way I do retail math, after the return it was practically a freebie.  As for the shooties, I'm over them but I am loving my consolation prize instead.  Fess often do you make a return with a clean getaway???

That's what I thought...



  1. Those are really cute shooties, but no way can I do 4" or higher any longer. 3" is my max. Nice getaway with the Bobbi Brown!

  2. Thanks Kari!
    You should see me Holiday for you, one for me...sound familiar???


  3. Debbi - too funny!! Firstly, I had been scouting "shooties" all season as Linda L. could tell you - never found a pair. Secondly - am definitely checking out this Bobbi Brown holiday set - will either stay mine or get gifted depending on colors. And lastly, of course i NEVER make it out with a clean getaway - does anybody!!

  4. Linda L. makes every shoe look good, with those tiny feet and Edwardian ankles! Most of mine look vaguely Herman Munsteresque, by the time they bring out the size 10's. Oh well! On to the next!

    Thanks for visiting! Glad I'm not alone with my mutated return gene.




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