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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Quick & Easy Glow For Girls On The Go

Recently, I was contacted by the manufacturer's of Tan Towel, the Australian born product, that was created and patented in 1998, by President Lori Braun.   Might I be interested in sampling Tan Towel's???  Hmmmmm....Several years ago, I purchased them on Ebay and they did nah-dah...

"Were they in silver packets"???


"You purchased some ancient product". 

(probably from 1998)...

 "How about trying a guaranteed fresh batch"?

"You betcha I'll try a fresh batch"

In case you are unfamiliar,  Tan Towels are individually wrapped  self tanner infused towelettes, that come in half and full body sizes.  (10 half body towelettes are $21, 5 full body are the same price).  They are two formulations, fair/light and medium/ dark.  They dry quickly and have a dissipating citrus smell, that does not streak.  They are 100% portable and travel friendly through all airports.  My kit also came with Tan Towel X-Foliator.  These unique towelettes are granule free, moisturizing and can be used in or out of the shower.  I chose to use it before my shower, so I could get the full effect of the product and than towel dried well.

It is recommended that Tan Towel's be used in a circular motion, which I found difficult to do with something akin to a wet-nap.  It was not odor free, but close enough.  I tanned and tossed in a matter of  minutes and carefully scrubbed my hands afterwards.  It was a huge plus to be able to reach most of my back myself.   I awoke with a lightly golden, completely streak-free carrot toes or splotches.  Brilliant!!! 

Do I love the color as much as St.Tropez others I have tried???  Nope, though  they do recommend double dipping, to achieve your desired effect.  However,  for convenience, travel and keeping to its no-streaking promise, Tan Towels are top shelf.  I can see why these are a perennial best seller down under and everywhere else on the globe.


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