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Monday, December 13, 2010

Lierac- Good to the Last Drop

My sister Loren is always peppering me with questions about all the products I try..."How can you tell if it's working"?   "How can you tell one from product from another"?  What makes you like one product over another"?   I have one sure meter that never fails me:  If I use up a product to the last drop and I go out and purchase it on my own dime.   Here's three products from Lierac Paris that fit the bill and you can conveniently purchase them at CVS and Duane Reade nationwide.  You can also click on the link above to their website, which offers some terrific promotional starter kits.

Regular DD readers, know I am all about "the glow"  and there is precious little I won't try in pursuit of it, (short of sandpaper).  When I read that Lierac's Micro-Abrasion Exfoliating Smoothing Cream contains 25% aluminum oxide crystals, the same ingredient  used in professional microdermabrasion treatments.  I immediately looked forward to sampling it.  

This super fine, super exfoliater contains 3% urea to improve "hydration, comfort and product tolerance"  It is best used once or twice a week on damp skin.  Simply massage in a circular motion, leave on for two minutes and rinse thoroughly.  Continued use does live up to its promise:  instant radiance, smooth, toned youthful skin and improved hydration.  A little goes a long way and the $38 price tag is a fraction of what you would pay for just one microdermabrasion treatment.

Masque Velours Moisturizing Velvet Mask ($30),  makes me feel like I am giving my skin a little present, particularly now that we are starting to get some real blasts of cold dry air.   This rich masque is infused with  Hyaluronic Acid  and ccollagen to penetrate the epidermis, hydrating, smoothing and increasing elasticity.  It also contains musk rose oil,  which adds a delicate scent and acts as a soothing tonic.  It can be used as a 10 minute masque or as an overnight moisturizing treatment.  I have done both and enjoyed the feel of the application and the results.

The last of the three is Coherence Nuit Age-Defense Firming Night Cream ($64), I am  so wild about this delicious smelling, gel like night cream , I cannot resist using it as my day cream too.  It is clinically proven to increase elasticity, suppleness and diminish the appearance of fine lines.  The key ingredients, ASC lll Collagen Accelerating Vectors and magnesium are patented.  My skin is hydrated  and lifted, yet incredibly soft.  I don't just glow...I am lit  from within. 

Lierac Paris formulates their advanced anti-aging products from an array of botanicals and all products are clinically tested.  If you think your drugstore skincare options are limited to Olay and L'Oreal, think again...I recently had an amazing skin imaging analysis at Duane Reade at a Beauty Stat Blogger event...which I will tell you all about  another time.  To my delight, one of the products specifically recommended for me, High Peel, was from Lierac Paris.   A 10% glycolic acid leave on treatment?  I'm glowing just thinking about it.



  1. going to CVS tomorrow... this couldn't have come at a better time...I am out of all products as of yesterday!!! xox B.

  2. This stuff is amazing! One other suggestion B:
    if you are going to be in NYC, go into one of the newly renovated Duane Reades. They look like mini Sephora's and their associateds are well versed and trained on all their skin care and makeup lines. CVS too may have someone in the cosmetics area who can help, but this drugstore experience blew me away...someone at DR has their thinking caps on...


  3. Do u just leave lierac paris high peel on through out the day. im sorry cuz the word peel is confusing me

  4. Hi Corina,
    This product is a leave on. I agree it is confusing!




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