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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tried and True

Most people would imagine that December would be the busiest month of the year for a Personal Shopper,  but in reality it always plays runner up to September.  Really, is there anything better than fall clothes?  Never the-less, I'm still a wee whack, so forgive this short recap of three recent purchases that I would classify as LOVE,  LIKE and HATE.

LOVE-  The temperature in the Northeast as taken a precipitous drop this week, leaving my skin looking parched and lifeless.  The culprit I believe, is  bronzing powder on top of foundation...simply too drying.  I'm often tempted to go a shade or three darker when choosing foundation, but any toddler knows you really have to match your foundation to your neck.  What I needed was something that would provide a dewy radiance plus add a hint of warm color, so I don't have to add bronzer.  Joyfully,  the gals at   Kimara Ahnert suggested I try Kimara's Mineral Sheer Tint in Natural Glow.  In a matter of seconds, my skin was revived and glowing.  Here is how it is described on Kimara's website:

This ultra-sheer moisture infused foundation contains light diffusing pigments to help conceal fine lines and imperfections. It’s water resistant and the SPF 20 guards the skin against the sun’s harmful rays. Glow(shade) gives any skin type a natural sun-kissed glow...(and it does)! Price: $40.

Tonight, at Moffly Pulications year end Holiday celebration at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich,  I was chatting with Kimara  when she sweetly complimented my makeup!  How fun, to be able to thank her not just for the compliment, but for making it!  Truly a brilliant product.  I highly recommend you try it.

LIKE- L'Oreal's Voluminous Million Lashes.   I like Eva Langoria Parker and I want to believe that the uber lashes she sports on commercials may only be created with mascara.  All I know, is I am inevitably going to purchase any new mascara that hits the market, as long as it's under $10 bucks.  Could I resist this one???  Absolutely not. 

This collagen infused formula, promise no clumps.  The brush is designed to evenly build product,so that it amplifies and separates in, "one clean sweep".  Does it beat Maybelline's The Falsies?  Not in my book. Is it better than 85% of the mascaras that you can purchase in the same place as a Crest Whitestrips???  Ya.  Definitely.

HATE- Who doesn't want shiny hair???  No one!!!  It's universal.  I have purchased many Burt's Bees products and have always  been pleased with the quality and purity of the products, particularly for the price.  I recently purchased their Super Shiny Grapefruit & Sugar Beet Shampoo and Conditioner on an impulse, with high hopes. 

Big disappointment!  I could smell the grapefruit essence which was pleasant, but immediately felt like my hair was being stripped of essential oils.  Would the shine emerge because the grapefruit was acting like a clairifier?  There was very little lather and after rinsing, my hair felt squeaky clean...but not in a good way.  I liberally doused my hair with the conditioner, hoping to impart some moisture back. No such luck.  Was there redemption after drying?  Not a glimmer.  The suds were dudsLiterally, money down the drain.

E tu???  Any LOVE-LIKE-BAH HUMBUG HATES  to report???   I'm all ears!


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