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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Heart & Sole

How can a man go through life with something like 5 pairs of shoes?   Truly, it defies logic.  Most men don't have a clue how we can justify why we would  need another pair of shoes this season.  The truth is, we probably don't, but if your next purchase is going towards breast cancer research and education, than I think we deserve a pass...this is not just a good cause---it's a great one.

I bumped into  my friend Jill Fisher the other day.  Jill's husband is Marc Fisher,  who launched his own footwear collection after working for many years at Nine West, co-founded by his father Jerome Fisher. Jill brought me up to speed on what  FFANY,  (The Fashion Footwear Association of N.Y.)   has accomplished in the last 17 years in its partnership with QVC.  A staggering  one million pairs of shoes have been sold,  raising over $32.5 million dollars for breast cancer research.  Shoes on Sale, was co-founded by Marc's sister, visionary Jodi Fisher, who sadly, lost a valiant battle with leukemia in 2009.  This year, the aptly renamed, Jodi Fisher Humanitarian Award, will be presented to Sidney Kimmel and Ronald A. Fromm,  at a gala at Lincoln Center on October 13th.   There will be no snoozing over rubber chicken dinners that night.! Chaka Khan is performing and guests will be able to shoe shop, as well. 

I'd be there in a nano, but I will be attending another shoe event... We will be hosting  an event for Manolo Blahnik at Richards, where he not only will be signing copies of his new book, but signing shoes for his devoted clientele, as well.

So how can we all get some shoe love next week?  Easy!!!  Tune into QVC next Friday, October 15th from 7-10 p.m  for some guilt free shopping.  Over 100,000 pairs of shoes will be sold at 50% off,  with proceeds going to the Dana-Farber Institute and other national cancer centers. 

I didn't know Jodi, but as a breast cancer survivor,  I applaud her spirit. Her vision is a beautiful legacy, that her husband, three children, family and friends can celebrate.  One person can make a difference.  One person did.


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