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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Getting to Know Jane from Daly Beauty

Another in our series of letting our readers get to know a little more about what makes our Blogging Buddies from The Weekly Round Up tick!  Meet Jane from Daly Beauty:

When did you start blogging and why?
I have always been a beauty junkie, but I didn't know what that was until I started reading beauty blogs. I started blogging as an experiment (I know nothing about html or that programming stuff!)and as a personal outlet. My friends regularly would ask for advice, and I was also known to offer unsolicited beauty tips as well. So I guess I wanted to share what I know and what I love.

Every blog seems to have a special voice - what's the message on your blog?
My message is that beauty is everywhere if you look for it and that all of us are beautiful. Its all about finding the confidence to experiment and have fun while finding the beauty that is inside us all.

Have you always been a beauty fanatic or did it come later in life for you? What made it blossom?
I don't ever recall a time that I wasn't a beauty fanatic. My earliest memories are perfume related - standing on my tip toe at my mother's vanity and smelling her Shalimar, playing with her cake mascara (along with our dog - that's a whole other story...). My aunt was a full blown beauty and perfume junkie and I always felt at home in her room - her round bed with velvet tufted headboard and a dresser FULL of perfumes. Her room always smelled like the ground floor of a major department store and to this day that is my favourite smell in the world (after the smell of my children's heads...).

Tell us a little about yourself.
I love to read and beach vacations - my dream is a long good book and a warm beach with crashing waves and sunshine. Heaven. I love to spend time with my daughters - they are 14 and 22 and we have a blast together, always. We love to shop naturally, and beauty shopping is something we could do every day. No one makes me laugh as hard as they do. One of our favourite activities is to get a delish coffee and get our hair done. Our stylist is a genius and can fit us all in, rotating between the three of us. For us, it's ALL about the hair. Modern and mid-century modern design and architecture are a passion as well, and I like to think I incorporate that clean simple and modern aesthetic into my beauty routines.

What's your daily beauty routine?
Simple - moisturize, tinted moisturizer or primer (lately a good primer on its own has been my go-to) a little concealer, blush/bronzer, neutral eye shadow and a touch of mascara. A nice plumping clear lip gloss and of course, perfume, and I'm good to go.

If we were to invade your beauty closet what surprises would we find?
That I have some makeup brushes over 15 years old...I care for them like babies and it amazes me how a good quality brush will last for ages. I do need to get some new ones though...

How many lipsticks/glosses can be found in your handbag at any given time?
Oh geez. At least 5.

What's the best beauty advice you've ever received?
Wash your face before going to bed. No matter how tired I am, I always do this.

I love a Girls Girl and I can sense that in Jane, as well as a serene joy!  Thanks for sharing Jane!


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