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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Review: FakeBake Golden Faux Glo Shimmer Instant Tan Lotion

FakeBake Golden Faux Glo Shimmer ($18.95)
Just today, there was an article in the New York Times Fashion & Style section, featured an article on the trend towards "lighteners and brighteners". 

No thanks. Though I have officially given up the sun, I will never officially want to give up appearing golden.
Over the years I have tried dozens of self tanners and bronzers.  Just for sh*ts and giggles, I even went back to my very first self tanner (after Q-T), Clarins Auto-Bronzante,  to see if it live up to my nostalgic didn't.

I also don't have the patience for applying tinted self tanners, hunting for streaks and having to wait 20 minutes to re-enter the human race.

What is a Girl to do?

When I received a request to sample FakeBake's Golden Faux Glow Instant Tan Lotion in a wash-off formula, I leaped at the offer and anticipated it's arrival with excitement.

When the package arrived in the evening, I immediately had to try it despite the directions to use it on clean, exfoliated skin, and to wear the enclosed gloves, while applying in a circular motion.

And I liked what I saw...Me. Tan.

There is a distinct "vanilla" smell that some might find a bit cloying, but did not offend me. My fingertips were stained a woody brown, that did not wash off all that much for disregarding instructions...but damn, I looked good.

FakeBake is paraben free and uses only natural ingredients. It won't clog pores. The Instant Tan Lotion is designed to wash off, so it is recommended that water or heavy perspiration be avoided for 4-6 water polo for me, I guess.

FakeBake has a complete line of self-tanners in various formulas as well as exfoliaters.  It is more moderately priced than St. Tropez and is available from their website or Ulta, where it also won raves. Celebs love it too.

I can't wait to use in the morning, as directed...pinky swear.


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