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Monday, February 20, 2012

DivaDebbi Interviews Aging Backward's Jackie Silver

Aging Backwards Author and Anti-Aging Expert Jackie Silver
Those who are DivaDebbi subscribers, know I'm particularly interested in products and experiences that help maintain youthful, radiant beauty. I browse, books, magazine and the Internet for information to try and share with my readers.

I first learned about Jackie Silver, author and radio personality, while perusing Amazon for anti-aging books. Jackie wrote Aging Backwards:Secrets to Staying Young,  filled with her secrets, tips and shortcuts for looking and feeling young.

Soon after, I went to the website Jackie founded,, and signed up for her free Ageless Beauty newsletter, which I receive several times a week via email. The newsletter is written in collaboration with Dr. Al Sears, one of the nation’s first board-certified anti-aging physicians and a respected medical writer and researcher.

It's easy reading and chock full of suggestions and products, "dedicated to enabling people to living longer, more active, happier lives."

I had the opportunity to meet Jackie this week, when I was in town for Fashion Week and I can fully attest, that this natural beauty looks years younger than her biological age, without a milliliter of injectibles. Suffice to say, "I'll have what shes having."

I was delighted, but not surprised that Jackie agreed to be interviewed. We bonded immediately! Here goes:

DD: You too look many years younger than 50 anything, much less 50 something. We all love a little instant gratification. Can you tell me three things my readers can do today to look more youthful?

JS: Well, if we're talking instantly, I'd say:

1) Go to Cynthia's Rowland's Web site and try her FREE eye lift exercise
(then order Facial Magic for a more long-term solution, wink).
2) Get a full night of beauty rest! Our bodies tune up when we're sleeping,
so get a free tune-up tonight (and every night).
3) Start on the right kind of exercise program that uses today's scientific
findings, such as Dr. Al Sears' PACE Express program, instead of the same
old routines from the 80s or 90s. You can work out 12 minutes a day and get
a great result - that sure beats the old "hour a day" routine!

DD: I now know you hail from Florida. Were you a sun worshipper when you were younger? What is your philosophy now about the sun? Do you use SPF daily, and if so where?

JS: was definitely a sun worshipper from age one through 25! My mother
used to tell me to stop "frying" myself (we used baby oil mixed with iodine
on our FACES and used a reflector!). I finally realized at age 25 that I was
destroying my skin and I stopped tanning (came to my senses). I pretty much
stay out of the sun, but if I'm going to be outside in direct sun for any
length of time, I will use organic sunscreen on face, ears (yes, earlobes
can show your age!), neck, chest and hands.

DD: Do you think looking younger is genetic, hardwork, a mindset, or a bit of each?

JS:  Definitely a bit of each. We all have some genes we like more than
others - play up your best. I wouldn't necessarily say "hard" work, but
consistent work is more like it. And mindset is majorly important! Tip:
smiling makes you look younger and studies have found that even if you don't
feel happy, you can "become" happier by faking a smile.

DD:  Oh I soooo agree!  One of my favorite sayings is, "act as if."  It works everytime!

DD: Can you tell us a bit about your lifestyle? What is your skincare routine?

JS: Exercise is the fountain of youth - I have worked out consistently since
age 17. There are plenty of studies that prove it, so don't take my word for
it. Here is one from The New York Times:

What's even more important than my "skincare routine" is that I make sure to
never sleep in my makeup. In my opinion, proper daily cleansing is the most
important part of the skincare routine. After cleansing, I use my own
Replenish (, along with Dr. Sears' Revive
( I
also love Dr. Sears' Sierra mud mask.

DD: Are you a proponent of a particular kind of diet and do you believe in supplements?

JS:  I eat whatever I want - in moderation - and I usually want food that is
typically considered "healthful," including fresh organic fruit and
vegetables, protein and the "good" fats. Oh, and dessert is on my "food
pyramid." (In moderation, as previously mentioned).

I do believe in supplements and the ones I take are from very reputable
sources so I know they are providing me with the nutrients they promise to
deliver in an absorbable formula. My reputable sources: Dr. Al Sears,
(, Life Extension (, Astavita for
Skin Defense Complex (

DD: You look like your barely wearing any makeup! Is that the case or do you just have a deft hand? Do you favor any particular brands?

JS: My friend Bruce Grayson, head of the Emmy's and Oscar's makeup
departments, told me that as we age we need less makeup and when someone of
Bruce's skills and credentials tells me something, I listen. I don't wear a
lot of makeup, but when I do I make sure it's natural looking.

My favorite foundation is Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind - looks great and super fast and easy to apply with a built-in sponge applicator. It's very affordable
and available at any store where Maybelline is sold (which is almost

DD: I know you are a proponent of facial exercise? Does it work and how important do you think that is in looking and feeling youthful?

JS: I already mentioned above that my "credo" is, "Exercise is the fountain
of youth" and that includes exercising the muscles of the face and neck.
Cynthia Rowland's Facial Magic facial exercise program is my number one
beauty "secret." Not that it's so secret - she's been featured on The
Doctors, The Rachael Ray Show, The View and many more.

DD: I'm looking forward to tuning into your radio show. What topics do you discuss and can listeners call in and ask questions? How do we find you?

JS:  The Ageless Sisters radio show that Cynthia Rowland and I started a
couple of years ago is fun and we always have a great guest from the beauty,
anti-aging or scientific community to enlighten us and our listeners. We
discuss pretty much everything and anything!

DD: I'm a devotee of the fabulous blog Fab Over Forty. It was a lovely surprise to see you just joined their Fashion Flash Monday group. How will you be contributing?

JS: I'll be linking to all the bloggers as well as to articles I write on my
site, Here's an example of my recent interview with
Bruce Grayson (mentioned in the makeup question above):

DD: I know you have a huge Twitter following. Has "social media" helped you get the Aging Backwards message out there?

JS: Having many Twitter followers helps me reach a wide audience, but
besides that I have met so many wonderful people that I would otherwise
never have met.DD:  You mean like me? LOL!  I do believe I cyber stalked you...

DD: I know you are a frequent contributer to The What do you like to write about?

JS: I have three columns on National Anti-Aging Beauty
Examiner, NY Beauty Products Examiner and NY Charity Examiner. I love
writing for all three. Studies show that people who volunteer on a regular
basis are the healthiest and live the longest. Since I don't have much free
time to volunteer, I feel that my NY Charity Examiner column helps me give
back in a significant way.

DD:  I couldn't agree more!  I have met some of my dearest friends through my volunteer efforts. A lovely example of good Karma in action!

DD: You don't strike me as the type to rest on your laurels. I have the feeling you must have some great things to follow up on the success of Aging Backwards:Secrets to Staying Young. Any secrets you can share at this time about future projects?

JS: The only secrets I share are my secrets and shortcuts about beauty and
ways to stay young, wink lol. I am always open to business collaborations so
there's usually something in the works at any given moment of my life.
Thanks so much for sharing with my readers! As one hopeless kitty lover to another, meow!
I hope you enjoyed "meeting" Jackie as much as I did....we would all benefit my taking a page or three out of her book.


P.S. from Jackie: MEOW and thank you SO MUCH! I'd love to connect with your readers on
social media: Pinterest:

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  1. Thank you for the interview - it was informative. Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind foundation sadly contains a Methyparaben. :(



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