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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dennis Basso Fall 2012: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Dennis Basso sent the packed crowd on an imaginary ride on the Orient Express on Tuesday.  It was a full out glam fest, with beautifully understated R-T-W, (a strong suit), housed under opulently mixed furs.

Russian Broadtail on one side...double faced cashmere on the other-- Sable and chinchilla, lynx and mink, and raccoon with python looked exotic and original in Basso's masterful hands.

Basso has always had away with the Girls who live on Park and Fifth, and they happily sat perched in the front row taking copious notes....Lucky ladies!

We sat opposite his loyal celebs as they smiled, clapped and cheered for their favorites.

Joan Rivers, Susan Lucci, the lovely Ivanka Trump, Kristen Cavilleri

My favorites, were all in shades of  grey, from pearl to smoke and an amazing chincilla in shades of chocoate and iris:

Want it! And the carry on luggage too

Yes please!

Nary a hair and utterly charming.  I can see this on Elle Fanning.

Basso closed the show with this utterly splendid, orange gown with a plunging sequin bodice...Unfortunately, that wasn't the only thing to plunge...

Do you remember the infamous SEX and the City episode, when "Carrie" has her big fashion moment and falls in her runway modelling stint?

Well, the poor (ex-model), who wore this gown fell not once, not twice, but three times, before she made it safely backstage.   Frankly, I'm sure it's never been done before.

Good thing she was the "closer", or she might have turned into "fashion roadkill", as Carrie's friend Stanford, adroitly oberved.

It didn't seem to take any of the pleasure from Basso...he knew his show was splendid and happily he took his bows...still standing.



  1. LOVED this gorgeous collection - and seeing it with you and Linda - too funny, I have a very similar photo!! I felt so badly for that poor model - she's going to have trouble getting more runway work next season!!

  2. Sooo much fun! It was really fab. Can't wait to see your picks!




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