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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Is SmartLash as Smart Buy? Week 3 Review

3rd week of using IQ Derma's SmartLash, pre makeup

This is my 3rd week of using IQ Derma's SmartLash. I think I may finally have hit a plateau. I'm not terribly disappointed since I was amazed to see growth and fullness within the first two weeks of use.

SmartLash week 3, one coat of mascara

In the past,  I have not seen any difference with a lash enhancing product, including Latisse, until the 4 week mark.  Even if things have slowed down, I'm still optimistic that these suckers have room to grow...

I've always been a double dipper...two coats each, top and bottom, but since I have started using SmartLash, I'm quite comfortable with a single coat. Nice! Less time, less product and less clean up.  It's all good.

Stay tuned for week 4.



  1. No results with this product. Don't get sucked into buying this because it's cheap. It's cheap for a reason. It doesn't work!

  2. I think all of these products works for some and not for others. SmartLash is normally not so cheap. It's $125, but if you sign up for the Dermstore program its $29.99 every six weeks.
    My lashes have grown to the point of almost the pinnacle of my Latisse trials, so I couldnt be happier. That said, I had NO growth with NueLash. My aunt and cousin has such success with it, they had to trim their lashes with a cuticle scissor! I think it is simply a matter of trial and error.

    Personally, for $29.99 I think its worth trying. You would certainly know in six weeks if it was working...If not you can opt out of the program. Its, not one of those crazy online things that bill you endlessly.

  3. I don't know when this product is supposed to start working, I've been using it for almost 2 months, and I don't see any dramatic results as everybody is saying, I am so glad that I don't have to pay $29.00 every month for something that is not working for me.

  4. If you haven't seen anything at two months, Smart Lash is definitely NOT working for you. I saw a difference at two weeks. Glad you are not locked in either!

    1. I have been using smart lash for 3 weeks and I am shocked and thrilled with the results thus far. I'm not sure how to add pics here if that is possible, but the change is equal to that of DivaDebbi.

  5. I have been using SmartLash for approx. 3 weeks and have noticed a considerable difference in my lash and eyebrow growth. At 47 y/o, my eyelashes were very thin and I had majors gaps in growth, sometimes having less than a few dozen lashes on my lid. With SmartLash, my lashes are more full and longer. I will definitely reorder.

  6. Im glad you are having a good result so quickly. If you are seeing results at three weeks, it will only get better.

    I am in love with my Anastasia of Beverly Hills Eyebrow Gel. It fill out brows magnificently and stays put until you remove your makeup. I highly recommend using this in conjunction with SmartLash on your brows.

    Thanks for commenting!


  7. Wqasn't a fan of SmartLash. i used it for a month without squat. Now I use RapidLash from Works great only problem is I Still have to apply mascara sine its kinda like a liquid eyeliner instead

  8. Hi there! I am researching latisse and heard it can change your eye colour. You mentioned you have used it, did it change your eye colour by any chance? thanks!

  9. Hi Louise,
    In a small percentage of cases, women with green or hazel eye may experience some darkening of the eyes. I don't know anyone it has ever happened to. Looking at these photos, I can't believe how red and irritated my eyes look and it was even worse with Latisse, Very individual. It does work, but does have side effects.

    I'm currently using Lash Em the first product Ive ever used where I had zero irritation and clear eyes. Its a goodie and cheaper than Latisse,




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