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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pinch Me: Maybelline's Dream Bouncy Blush

Maybelline's new Dream Bouncy Blush $8.99

Did I dream this???  I don't think so. Dream Bouncy Blush  was the second product I tried from the Maybelline goodie bag I graciously received at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  Just as Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation has a completely unique texture, so does Dream Bouncy Blush. My best description is, "pillowy", but then again, "spongy" comes to mind too...

My goodie bag came with Fresh Pink included, which I imagine would be a universally good choice.  It didn't quite pack a big enough pinch of color for me, but I saw the potential. Rather then opting to layer endlessly, I chose instead to go out and purchase Pink Plum.
Dream Bouncy Blush in "Pink Plum"
I am loving the natural flush of color it delivers and it's easier to travel with then my Benefit Posie Tint:

Dreamy, no???   Dream Bouncy Blush is available in 10 of them has your name on it!


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