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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shu Uemura Tasai Versatile Styling Cream: Can One Product Do It All?

$38 for 8.5 oz.

I know I cannot be alone in having my own stash of hair styling products that could rival any retail wall of the average salon.  From barely used to been there so long it's now discontinued, they amass. Enthusiastic promises of shine, fullness, control and silky straightness without stickiness, oil and build up were never kept...until now. Hooray!!!

Last week I had my hair freshly colored and highlighted by the incredibly warm and talented Christopher Hornauer, at Warren Tricomi in Greenwich.  I can always count on good conversation, kitty talk, (Scoots and Sweetie), and purrrfect caramel highlights.  Christopher, J' adore.

Christopher saw me standing like a deer in the headlights, perusing there wall of styling products.  Besides being overwhelmed, am I the only one who requires a loupe to read the mice type on the back and sides of these packages???  Truly, it's maddening.

"What are you looking for Diva"?

"The mother-lode. Shine, fullness, control and silky straightness without stickiness, oil and build up, and oh yes, from just one product".

"I think you are going to love this Shu Uemura styling cream. Do let me know"!

Here's a bit more information from their website:
Tasai CreamVersatile Styling Cream  is moisture-rich styling cream that offers texture, structure and definition with natural shine and lavish touch. Water-cream texture adapts to create curly or smooth with varied hold from layered application.

Fragrance: Soft Green Petal Floral
Technique: Apply on towel-dried hair before styling with a blow dryer, your fingers or curling iron.

I used it tonight for the first time--Did it live up to Chris's recommendation and my expectations???


It exceeded them.  Hope, in a bottle...



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