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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Carrie Fisher Has a Brand New Head

I was rendered speechless when I saw this picture of Carrie Fisher.  My eyes were trying to convince my brain that this was in fact Carrie Fisher.  True, we haven't seen her 50 lbs. lighter in quite some time (she is the new Jenny Craig spokesperson), and we have never seen her with a chocolate brown bob, but neither of those two facts  deflect from the fact that Carrie Fisher has a brand new head!

How does this happen???

To me, this is the epitome of scarily, overdone work.  This is not a 57 year old woman getting refreshed, (this, I have no issue with)  This is a 57 year old woman getting a major overhaul, that has left her with that vaguely generic, over blown, Hollywood  look.  It's not just the facelift (and chin implant,, I suspect), it's the nose work, cheek implants, lip enhancement, Botox and short the full Montag Monty, and all I can think of is why???

Who are my Poster Girls for "Good Work"?  Here are some examples; some are great beauties, some simply attractive women like Carrie.  A few are a few years younger than Carrie, several a few years older. 

To me, this is how it should be done:

There is no need to identify anyone, because everyone still looks like themselves!  Carrie???...not so much. Ultimately, we need only please ourselves.  So I truly hope she is happy with her results.

 One of my favorite Carrie Fisher films, is the still hilarious When Harry Met Sally with Meg Ryan (don't get me started)... Billy Crystal and the wonderful Bruno Kirby, as desperately lonely singles looking for love in N.Y.C.

In my minds eye, I will always remember her best as "Marie", fresh faced and funny.

And I will leave it at that...



  1. OMG - I'm horrified and sad at the same time. She is unrecognizable!!! I met her years ago when we published her book. She is so smart, funny and spunky - but clearly the self esteem issues got the better of her!! And have all those others had work? They look fabulous!!

  2. Hi Q.!
    I hesitated to post this. I actually stumbled upon this a few weeks back. I don't have any personal knowledge of the other women's tweaks, just rumor mill, common sense and obervation.

    I totally understand wanting to feel as young on the outside as you do on the inside and it must be particularly tempting for those who lead very public lives.

    What I don't understand is people who completely change their features to the point of being unrecogizable. Baffling!


  3. I have to say I'm on the other side of the discussion. I didn't even know Carrie had all that work done, but I do remember her "before" Jenny Craig photos, and that scared me more than how she looks now. I actually think she looks pretty good. Maybe she did want a completely fresh start --- I say, good for her!

  4. Hi Allie!
    Thanks for weighing in. It's not that I think she looks terrible now...It's just that she looks soooo altered.

    We truly only have to please ourselves. I hope she is happy with her new look. Certainly she must be feeling better about her weight loss. It's so much healthier.


  5. divadebbi has a point. I have nothing against people that use botox to look younger, but when they cross the line I get mad....As humans, some of us don't know when to stop and the result can be ugly.
    I had many botox treatments in Toronto but none off them crossed the line, because I always listened to my physician that advice me to keep my appearance as natural as possible.

  6. she is cute in that picture from When Harry Met Sally, isn't she? I think she got so heavy and she was depressed and she went for the whole monty because she is doing a press tour for her new book. She'll look better in another year when things soften a bit. I remember a few years back Nora Ephron did the same thing and I was horrified that she looked so different. Now she looks like her old self again. but fun to comment on this isn't it? such a nice break from reality.



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