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Monday, October 17, 2011

Dr. Jules Nabet's Zen Lotion: A BeautyStat Review

Why is it that anything French always piques my interest? No matter what the medium, art, architecture, film or fashion I am instantly enamored.  For sure, it is that intangible je nais se quoi that gets me every time... 
From time to time, I am asked by BeautyStat the wildly popular online interactive community for the beauty obsessed, to review products. " Might I be interested in giving Dr. Jules Nabet, latest anti-aging gem Zen Lotion a trial"?  Zen Lotion is rich in texture, and uses micro-encapsulated pure oxygen and vitamin C to reduce the visible signs of aging.

 I took one look at his handsome picture and impressive bio and immediately said, "yes". (Please send stat).  Here's what I learned:

Dr. Jules Nabet is well known in his field, with clinics located in Paris and London. Co-author of the book, “The Hormone Solution: Stay Younger Longer with Natural Hormone and Nutrition Therapies.” He is a huge proponent of anti-aging medicine, (moi aussi).

Genius in a Jar: Dr. Jules Nabet Skincare Launches in the US - Sponsored Review & Giveaway - Zen Lotion And Cream

Dr. Nabet’s work led him to use his knowledge of cellular aging mechanisms and the collaboration of French chemists to start his own skincare line that works well for all skin types. All the products contain an innovative penetrating process that transports the absolute vital ingredients to ensure smooth, radiant skin.

What makes Dr. Nabet’s skincare so different from the numerous other lines available is the research behind it: all his products were created based on the impact of changes in the body’s natural hormonal levels on aging. This is why you’ll find hormone-replacement natural ingredients like soy and yam, (which is what I used for my own hormone replacement.  I'm a fan)!

I have used Dr. Nabet's Zen Lotion day and night for the last 21 days.  It is unusual to find one cream that is light enough for daily use under makeup and emollient enough use as a night cream.  It has my favorite consistency; a cool to the touch gel.  It also makes you feel like you are sculpting your face.  I applied it starting with my neck, in upward strokes and continued on my face.  I swear, it felt like wherever I lifted it stayed.

Regular readers know the Diva is all about the glow and I was pleased with the radiance Zen Lotion
delivers.  Best of all, it is attractively priced at $39!  In addition, Dr. Nabet also developed Zen Attitude Cream which, "aims to take the stress out of the skin – an attribute women in fast-paced cities will love". (Burbs too!).  Because of its proprietary blend of soy, yam and vitamins E and F, the skin is purged of environmental assaults and toxins — all material that cause undue stress on the cells. The cream is valued at $69.  Here is a special offer that you can take advantage of to try Dr. Nabet's skincare for yourself:

SPECIAL DISCOUNT OFFER: And if you’re curious about shopping for other skincare items in the line, indulge in a special Friends & Family Discount of 30% by entering the code word ILOVENABET upon checkout. This offer is valid until November 30th.

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words...What do you think of my results?  I'm Zen and I'm going to upgrade to the Attitude Cream next.  Is bigger better?  Sometimes.  In Dr. Nabet's case, I'll take my chances!


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