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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Closet Closure: The Bi-Annual Switch

URRRGHHH.  I can't procrastinate much longer...can you?  I loathe this chore...mainly because I could be better at it. From time to time, clients from Richards will ask me to come help them edit their closets.  In less busy months, it's my pleasure.  There is one caveat and I always give fair warning, "I'll do it...but I'm ruthless.

To date, no one has turned me down.  Whether they actually end up donating  all of the, "that has got to go" pile,  I will never kow. If there anything like me, they will slip a few pieces back in their closets, giving them one final reprieve. 

Why is it so hard to part with things?  I have a few theories:

1) It cost a fortune.  You felt a little guilty when you bought it, now your giving it the boot. Pit meet stomach.
2) You wore it to your rehearsal dinner (a couple of thousand Fridays ago). 
3) When you lose the 6 lbs. you put on over the summer, that skirt, ____.____ is going to fit like a glove.
4) It's Chanel, Armani, fill in the blank, it will be back in style---eventually.

Pretty much, it should all go.

How do you know when you really must part ways?

1) If it's faded, tired, pilling, too short or has Amazonian shoulder pads.
2) If you haven't worn it once in three years, you never will again.
3) If you felt old, fat or dowdy in it the last time you wore it.
4) It's an orphan and you never did find the perfect blouse, sweater or jacket after years of searching.

Honestly, I have never missed or regretted donating anything. 

What should you keep?

1) Your evening wear. Long, cocktail dresses, evening blouses, beaded tops, tunics, silk, satin and velvet pants, elegantly cut wool dinner suits.  I may always crave something new, but I have things that are as beautiful now as the day I bought them.  This is a category where things can actually be timeless.
2)  Your little black dresses. Ditto.
3) Suede and leather skirts, pants and dresses.
4) Coats. As long as they are in perfect condition.
5) Belts. It's either a skinny belt year or a wide belt year. Either way, next year your good.
6) Clutches and evening bags.  If they were classic and elegant then, they probably still are now.
7) Shoes that are chic, comfortable and in good condition. If they are stylish but tired, find an excellent shoe repair store to breathe new life into them. 

So, this is it.  I can't put it off any longer.  Sunday I will roll up my sleeves and sort and schlep.  Have any tips to add??? I would love to hear them!

C'mon Girls...we can do this.  Let's be ruthless...



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