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Friday, October 21, 2011

Choosing Choo

Every Fall, dozens of fragrances are launched and every year, I think maybe this will be the one where I find, "the one". My signature scent. 

I more savvy now then I was in my impetuous youth...much to the crushing disappointment of the salesperson who smells my longing, 5 feet before I even reach the counter. Nope, despite my sighs and smiles, I am not making a purchase until that spritch settles in with my personal chemistry.  I won't be back in an hour.  I might not be back for days...and if you were kind enough to provide a sample, it will be even longer...

Body chemistry is a funny thing--what smells divine on you, may having me sprinting to the powder room for a scrub down worthy of a surgeon.  It's happened too many times to count.

I love people who can decipher perfume top notes and discern their woods from their florals.... I'm not one of them. I just want to smell delicious and if it comes in pretty packaging and is housed in a gorgeous bottle, all the better.

I had the opportunity to sample both Jimmy Choo and Bottega Veneta during The Beauty Event at Neiman MarcusOddly, they smelled very similiarly on me.  In the store, I was certain the Bottega had the edge,  but two hours later, I was captivated by the Jimmy Choo.  Though they didn't have any samples,  they kindly created one for me, so I could test drive it over a few days. (As one who strives to provide it, I am so appreciative of a considerate customer service like this).

Jimmy Choo was launched as an update in honor of their 15th anniversary in business. Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder Tarmara Mellon is the perfect muse for the brand; beautiful, chic, modern and worldly.  Wouldn't we all like to project that kind of confidence???

What is it exactly that smells so good?  Candied orange, Tiger Orchid,  Toffee Chypre and lingering notes of Sandalwood and Indonesian Patchouli...certainly sounds exotic!  The packaging is gorgeous, a pink and grey python box, opens jewel like, to display a lovely, rounded Venetian bottle. I felt like I purchased a little gift for myself, that after all my homework, I naturally deserved.  And why not?  Yesterday was my Birthday,  a little gift from moi to moi.

Will Jimmy Choo be "the one"???  I hope so!  Will it be "yours"???  Maybe.  It's certainly worth a good test drive.  How about you?  Do you have a signature scent?  Do you wish you did?  Do things like this ever even enter into a man's stream of consciousness?!

We shall see...Shalimar, one of my teenage obsessions was recently updated and I snagged a sample on the way out the door.  I'm a fairly fickle Girl anyway and the Holidays will be here before we know it.  Jimmy Choo is definitely "the one"...for now.



  1. IF i close my eyes I can still smell your Shalimar on my Wayne Rogers blouses. xoxo

  2. Lol Sis!
    Not to mention your Huck-a-Poo's, despite the fact that you thought they were safely under lock and key...that's what they made screwdrivers for!

    If I close my eyes I can still smell your "Femme". I sooo loved it on you. I tried to adopt it years later but always felt like an imposter!

    Love you,



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