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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bliss Fabulips: Nothing to Pout About

When exactly did women amongst 7 Continents, become obsessed with their lips?   I can't help but think that Ms. Jolie, got the whole ball of fillers wax started.  She's been on most of our radar for well over a decade now...mine perhaps a little longer with her extraordinary 1997 portrayal of Gia Carangi, the drug addled Super Model, who died of Aids.

The thing about this particular set of lips, is that they only work on this particular's just the way the gene pool crumbles.

What can you do to optimize your own pucker?  I love Bliss Fabulips, a tidy treatment kit that packages value ($74 worth of product for $45), with results.

Bliss Fabulips kit includes: 
  • Refresh -Foaming Lip Cleanser is a bubbly cleanser, that removes every trace of lipstick and gloss
  • Retexturize- Sugar Lip Scrub is a delicious vanilla-orange scrub, that gently buffs away flakes with sugar, almond and walnut shells
  • Rejuvenate-Instant Lip Plumper is packed with cork tree extract and peptides that help visibly volumize your lips
  • Replenish-Softening Lip Balm is loaded with Shea butter and jojoba and grape seed oils that will leave your lips "pillow soft"
Fabulips can't give you Angelina's lips, but it will definitely help you make the most of your own pout.  Consider the alternative...

I think the Fabulips Kit is probably the better choice.  What about you?


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  1. As I read the teaser in my email I was thinking - too bad Meg Ryan didn't think about this (that Angelina's lips only work on Angelina's face) - and then there she was - yet again we are thinking along the same lines!! And of course poor Melanie Griffith - what WERE they thinking??!!



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