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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Benefit Benefits

Apparently, I'm on a Benefit binge...In addition to my new mascara, (for the rest of my life), They're Real!, I am delighted with three other new purchases...

I have always enjoyed Benefit's cheeky packaging and cleverly named products, I have had my share of disappointments over the years.  Two of the products that I am so happy with now, are kinder, gentler versions of two well known bestsellers; Benetint a deep rouge cheek stain left me looking like I was harboring a high fever and High Beam highlighter that made me fluorescent instead of incandescent.  On to better days...

Posie Tint ($29) was a gorgeous surprise.  Though I suspected this soft pink hue would not provide enough color, the liquid-gel formula is easily buildable and will last from dawn (8 am, Diva time) till dusk, with nary a touch up.  I could see using this every day for um, ever.

While it's billed as a cheek and lip tint, it sadly is too pale for me, though I appreciate the shot at having a multi-tasker in my arsenal.

Watt's Up ($30) is everything you would want from a highlighter, a gentle glow, that glides on and finishes like a powder.  It couldn't be easier to bring out your cheekbones, and illuminate your eyes.   I like to apply it with a small foundation brush, so I can blend it seamlessly, under my eyebrows, in the corner of my eyes and on the center of my lid.

The opposite end is a sponge tip, intended for blending.  Mine is still pristine...

The last item of my love list is Stay Don't Stray ($26), a perfectly neutral, creamy primer, that is intended for use under the eye, before concealer, and on the lids before shadow. This is, hands down the best eye primer I have used and the only one I have seen that is intended for use both north and south, of the eyeball.

Bullet budge proof and a little goes a long way.  Nice.


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