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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flawless: Laura Mercier Smooth Cream Foundation

It's official...overnight, Fall arrived. Sandals and bare legs were replaced with nude fishnets and Prada pumps. My unworn (take it in case the office feels like a meat locker) cardigan was replaced with a lightweight coat and  I wore foundation...

This summer, I did something I have never done before---I stayed out of the sun.  Not a ray.  I was also scrupulous about applying sunblock.  As much as I love the look of a light, healthy tan, I could not justify going through all of those anti aging machinations all year long only to lose those gains by sitting in the sun every summer. As a result, my skin hoestly, has never looked better!

In warmer months, I never use foundation and I don't think I'm alone.  During this time, it seems like the cosmetic companies are busy at work tweaking and refining their foundations and then launching new and improved versions in the fall. 

During Beauty Week at Neiman Marcus,  Laura Mercier's beautiful campaign for Flawless Skin caught my eye. One thing I noticed was that they had greatly expanded their shade offerings to 12, which will happily allow women of different ethnicities to enjoy her foundation. Smart business too... My knowledgeable consultant helped me select Sunny Beige from the new Moist Supreme Smooth Creme Collection and offered me a generous sample, confident that I would love it and be back for more.

As described, "this modern, lightweight foundation that floats over skin without visibly settling into fine lines. The hydrating formula includes a multipeptide complex infused with Dermaxyl and advanced optical diffusers that help to visibly smooth out lines and wrinkles".

As I slipped on my new Fall face, I was truly excited to see how gorgeous my skin look, in fact, what really popped into my head was, "WOW!!! I look flawless".


Listen up New Yawkers---Here's your chance to look flawless.  This Thurdsay October 6th, all 26 Laura Mercier retailers will be giving a way a free  30-Day Supply of her best selling foundation primer and their global makeup artists will be flown in to do" Flawless Face" makeovers.  Look for Laura Mercier on Facebook for more information and to share your favorite tips with other fans.

Happy Fall Y'all.  Now we can all put our best face forward.



  1. I really want to try her foundation...what kind of coverage does the flawless give? On another note DD do you know of quality websites for leather or faux leather handbags that don't cost an arm and leg? Thanks. Love your blog!

  2. Thanks Frankie!
    I would appreciate if you would like me on PR pals always check.

    I would say it is medium coverage. I only use a tiny bit. If your skin is oily, this may be too moisturizing for you. Do ask for a sample at an LM counter. They are soooo helpful!

    In terms of bags, I think ASOS has their finger on the pulse of fashion and their prices are terrific. They are in the UK but to ship to the US. Here's a link for their bags:


  3. I was reading from Cellulean reviews and I was redirected to your post. I was actually looking for creams or make up to hide the sag on my face. I just lost some weight and my body is not that tone yet.



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