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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Latest Anti-Aging Options: Luxe and Less

Have I have seen an A-A article that I haven't stopped in my tracks to peruse???


I received this information from TotalBeauty today, one of my favorite beauty websites, who also nicely publish DivaDebbi.  It's a tidy review of treatments and key anti-aging ingredients that are being used  professionally and are available for you to use at home.

It's sponsored by Loreal, hence the pitch for three of their products.  It doesn't offend me... they all sound cutting edge, user friendly and sweetly priced.  Any-hoo, thought I would share them!

See the most potent ingredients that will save you from spending a load of cash on more invasive procedures

7 Anti-Aging Ingredients You Need to Know About
This is a anti-aging skin care article
If we all had thousands of dollars to spend on non-essentials, everyone would look like Demi Moore when they hit their 40s. The reality? Most of us can't fork over those kind of bucks for botox, which is why we uncovered these 7 potent anti-aging ingredients you can find in drugstore skin care products. Are they comparable to the results you'd expect from invasive needles? See for yourself.

Did they miss anything?  If so, please chime in.

Happy weekend.


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