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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Not Fade Away: Kerastase Chroma Sensitive "Cleansing Balm"

I think the last time I "lathered, rinsed and repeated", I was a single Girl, living in N.Y.C.  I barely made my rent each month, but somehow I managed to buy myself a new fur coat...que sera sera

The light bulb went off when I started coloring my hair professionally. Who said it's necessary to lather, rinse and repeat??? My good friends at Proctor & Gamble???  It just seems like part of what I was paying for was slipping down the drain, hence, I have been a "lather and rinse only" Girl, for quite some time.

The last time I visited with my amazingly talented  Colorist, Christopher at Warren Tricomi  Greenwich, he gave me a present...

"This is a very different kind of shampoo".

"Really"???  "How so"? I pondered.

"Well, it doesn't really lather".

If you are anything like me, you equate billows of creamy suds with clean hairIt's hard enough doing a single lather but no lather???   I trust Christopher so much,  if he handed me a can of  Crisco I would have thanked him and tried it...Fortunately, it was not.

What it was, was Kerastase Reflection's new Chroma Sensitive Systeme Color Protect, and it was pretty in pink...phew!

The What and Why:

Chroma Sensitive is the 1st anti-fading cleansing balm to wash hair without washing away color. Chroma Sensitive is an ultra-gentle, low-foaming creamy formula that reduces friction on the hair fiber, keeping the surface smooth, locking in color and boosting radiance. 90% of women* agree that Chroma Sensitive protects color from fading, prolongs color radiance and maintains brilliance of highlights. Created by the L'Oreal Advanced Research Laboratories Chroma Sensitive is sulfate-free, paraben-freeand silicone free. ($42 on the Kerastase website, but happily, I did find it on Amazon for $28).

The How To:

Apply Chroma Sensitive during the first 3 shampoos after color treatment, then alternate usage with regular Réflection Bain and Masque. Use the appropriate amount of product according to the length of your hair. For optimal results, add plenty of water to distribute evenly. (Do heed that)...

My Experience:

It is recommended that 5-7 pumps be used for medium to long hair.  It feels like a combination of a bit of shampoo mixed with conditioner...definitely a different shampoo experience.  Additional conditioner is not needed.  Definitely takes some getting use to.  Here's the really good partI went back to see Christopher a few days ahead of schedule for my recent color.  We were both excited to see how perfectly the tone had been maintained and how fresh my highlights still  looked. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding....A win-nah!!!

Now, if Chroma Sensitive could just manage those stray grays, it would really be something, but Christopher already is.


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  1. I used this product and missed the lather but love the results.  My color stays put and the the rinse feels so a good way not in a heavy conditioner way.



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