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Thursday, October 13, 2011

They're Real! The BEST Mascara...Evah!

As fate would have it, right on the heels of my outreaching for some ideas about new mascaras to try, I found The One... While I was having my brows groomed by the lovely Dahlia at the Benefit Brow Bar at Bloomingdales, I asked her if Benefit had developed anything new since Bad Gal, a good mascara with an obese brush, that I had tossed.

"Yes".  "It's called They're Real! and I think you are going to love the results".

Since I came with no eye makeup, I asked to inspect the brush before having Dahlia apply it. There was no point in even trying if the brush was supersized.
Ohhhh, I liked the look of this brush!  Tidy and manageable, with a special tip to ferret out forgotten lashes.  Proceed please!

The brush feels almost like a comb, locking on to the root as you wriggle it towards the lash tips.  Dahlia angled it a bit towards the outer corners and handed me the mirror to inspect. (Normally I wouldn't even bother looking after just one coat).  I was blown away to see a full fan of glossy black lashes looking back.

"I'll take it"!  "And would you mind do the other eye"?

So. It's official.  I have found my Holy Grail mascara.  Hallelujah!!!

Next weekend, I will be a guest at magnificent black tie wedding at a Museum in N.Y.C. Normally I would book and appointment to have my "bats" put on at a MAC counter. (This is a task that must be left to the pros). I self applied once and found a strip in my salad course.  I was hoping for once, it was an anchovy.  I was naturally, mortified.

I keep looking at my lashes and trying to decide if it's even necessary.  My lashes haven't looked this long and thick, since the peak of my 16 week Latisse trial.  That was beautiful thing, until it wasn't. They don't really tell you that you need to continue using it for the rest of your life to maintain those results.

In the meanwhile, I have found a happy compromise.  I'm just hoping one of my Gal Pals will sidle up to me and ask if I'm wearing false lashes, so I can say--drumroll...

"Nope".  "They're Real"!


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