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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Is SmartLash a Smart Buy?- A Seven Day Update

SmartLash growth at 1 week, one coat of mascara
News Flash!!!  Last week I wrote about starting a trial of SmartLash, (, at the insistence of my sister Loren, who insists in the last month that she has grown a set of, "mink muffs".

I promised to update you at the one month mark.  I have tried several lash enhancing products and have never noticed any growth before then....until now.

SmartLash at one week with two coats of Benefit's They're Real Mascara

In only seven days time, I seem to be sprouting darker, longer, fuller lashes already, without any of the redness and itching I experienced with Latisse.  These are my lashes this morning with a single coat of Benefit's They're Real Mascara on.  I am thrilled!
I purchased my SmartLash for 29.99 through the and locked into that price, with auto replenishment at 60 days.  If there is any discernible difference each week, I will post again with a photo update.
Thanks Sis!


  1. Wow!!  Good to know...I've been using RapidLash for about 7 months now and like it a lot, but the SmartLash is a better buy.  I'll have to check that out when I finish this tube of RapidLash.

  2. Does the smart lash change your eyecolor or darken you lids?

  3. I don't believe so.  The ingredient in Latisse that does that is Prostaglandin, which is use to treat glaucoma, and why Latisse is available by prescription only.  Im so excited about my lashes!  Im going to upgrade this post now with a picture that shows what two coats of mascara looks like :).



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