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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Review of IQ Derma's SmartLash: Week 2

After being blown away by the increase in lash length and lushness after just one week of my SmartLash trial, I decided I would update you with pictures each week.  This is the only lash growing product I have ever tried where the results kicked in so quickly and as an added bonus??? No irritation or Prostaglandin.

I purchased my SmartLash on line at for $29.99 and locked into this price with a renewal at 60 days.
Here's how my lashes look, week 2:

DivaDebbi's SmartLash trial: Week 2 profile

DivaDebbi's SmartLash trial: Week 2 bottoms

I couldn't be more pleased!  Where I also see a difference is in how my lashes appear sans mascara.  I can definitely see more fullness as well as curl...Nice!

Stay tuned for week 3...



  1. Told ya! Isn't it grand?

  2. Wow - may have to check this out. And at that price point, I may not feel as guilty when I don't use every night!!

  3. DD -- Just want to thank you for all of your informative tips. I was introduced to your blog via Ann Gray. I stayed up late on night and perused many of your blogs. I'm a wash-n-go kinda gal, so I can feel overwhelmed with the choices of products on the market. I esp appreciate when you share where we might pick up some of your recommended products...and it was easy to stop by CVS on my way home tonight! Thanks again.

    1. Cynthia!
      So nice the hear from you! There are sooo many products and new launches that it does get overwhelming. I enjoy being able to help my readers make sense of what's best for their beauty budgets.





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