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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Foundation Brushes: Do We Need Them?

Shiseido Foundation Brush $30
Until this week, I probably would have said, "nah, my fingertips are doing the job just fine, thank you".  

I have purchased and tossed several  foundation brushes over the years. I was never impressed with the amount of product they soaked up, the uneven finish they produced or the fact that the synthetic bristles felt like doll's hair.

Back in the Fall. Shiseido hosted a gorgeous event for Beauty Bloggers, in the roof top Penthouse of a TriBeca hotel. We were introduced to Shiseido's Bio Performance Skincare, their newest cream shadows, and the illustrious Renaissance man, Dick Page, Shiseido's Worldwide Artistic Director, albeit, "virtually".

Dick Page

Each Blogger was given an I-Pod touch and we listened and watched at our leisure to Dick Page explain his many inspirations: food, nature, art and architecture.  He has worked with every major fashion photographer in the business and collaborates every season with fashion designers like Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs on the type of beauty image they best enhance their vision.

I recently stumbled upon the Shiseido Foundation Brush I received that night, in my "goodie closet".  I was in no rush to try it sooner, since prior experiences never met my expectations.  The one thing I noticed right off the bat, is that it looked different from any brush I have used in the past; it's quite compact and the bristles are tightly packed on a slight angle.  It also didn't suck up product like a Hoover.

The design of the brush can be used to achieve full coverage, or a it can be "stippled' on, in a painterly fashion, where needed.  It easily reaches every nook and cranny, like the tight spaces around the nose. All of a sudden, a tool I never liked or needed feels indispensable!

Here is how it is described on Shiseido's website:

Finally, a foundation brush for use with all formulations - liquid, cream or powder. Shiseido's innovative technology combines with traditional Japanese brush-making techniques to create the perfect foundation finish. Excellent pick-up of all types of formulas for a uniform application and impeccable finish. Gently tapered strands create an angled slant that best allows bristles to reach all facial contours. Short handle allows for precise control during application and portability for travel.

I often like to check the product reviews on Sephora's website.  Overwhelming, Shiseido's Foundation Brush is beloved!

If you love makeup, you are going to love this brush too.



  1. As we get older, a good foundation brush that can get into all the nooks and crannies becomes indispensable in producing a smooth and even foundation application. Even though I have remarkably smooth skin for a woman my age, I am 67 and have some crepeiness in the eye area, some verticle lines around my lips, and the pores on my nose have become more visible. I apply my foundation with my fingers and then buff and smooth the problem spots with a brush--pores vanish from view and the foundation doesn't settle in the fine lines around my eyes and lips.

  2. Hi Eileen!
    Thanks so much for the great tip!  Sound like you take beautiful care of your skin.  Anything else you want to share with us?!



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