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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guerlain's Meteorites Powder

I am a huge fan of Guelain's Meteortites Powders. There is something about these sweet little pastel balls in their elegant new container that utterly charms me. It reminds me of something Jeannie might have had nestled on her dressing table...a place I would have happily called home for a good chunk of  of my childhood...

Interior of Jeannie's Bottle

I finally gave in and purchased it about a year and a half ago at Sephora. I love swirling a large, clean,  brush, over the melange of colors and sweeping it over my face and decollete as the last bit of maquillage for the day--- tre elegant.  Guerlain calls it their "Luminizer" and I think it lives up to it's name beautifully.

Here is how it is described on Sephora's website:

Météorites Powder For The Face

What it is:
An illuminating powder that delivers pure radiance.

What it does:
Inspired by light and created by Guerlain, Météorites Pearls employ the technology of white light, which is used in photography and film to erase imperfections and soften features. A constellation of 6 multi-colored pearls blend together for a flawless, radiant complexion. These pearls-with-a-purpose have now been reinvented in 3 color harmonies that are adapted to each skintone.

Size: 1.05 oz. $57.

Yes.  That last little bit was my sticking point.  I found it a difficult to pull the trigger on a $57 face powder, but ultimately Guerlain's Meteorite's Powder is a fabulous purchase that amortizes to about 11 cents a day.  Can you afford to use something everyday that makes you look and feel a little more beautiful?  Of course!  And so can I.

Frankly, I can't afford not to and neither can you...Je l'adore!



  1. I adore Meteorites. Over the years I acquired a small collection of them and they are the perfect finishing touch to my complexion. And they packaging is pretty enough to leave out so they can be right at hand.

  2. Don't you dare feel bad about that $57! You will never finish that box! Now, you can feel bad if, like me, you want the Meteorites Voyage Compact...its around $200 included a gorgeous silver and enamel compact in a velvet pouch. Don't even get me started on the matching brush....Rachel McAdams whipped it out of her evening bag in Midnight In Paris while in a taxi, re-awakening my lemming. Yes I am a crazy make up lady!

  3. Lol Jane!  You are definitely making me feel a whole lot better.  I adored that movie!  I will have to look for that scene when I watch it again.   I did notice her Mama had a collection of Birkins though!

    Silver Crown! Nice to hear from you.  They are special arent they?  I think it's definitely a Holy Grail product, don't you?



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