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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Is SmartLash a Smart Buy?

Time will tell...I purchased this product at the urging of my sister Loren. She insists it looks like she has "mink muffs" on her eyelids, after just one faithful month of using IQ Derma's SmartLash.  Do ya think I needed much prodding after that comment?

I have three Lash Enhancers, all in a semi-state of use. My lashes look "fine".  I highly doubt any product will ever give me the full on lush lash love that I experienced after my full Latisse trial...truly, they were magnificent.

The down side was twofold: 1)  I felt like I had ground glass in my corneas everyday and 2) in my heart, I knew I couldn't continue to use an off-label glaucoma drug for the rest of my life to maintain them.  Oh well...

I've seen SmartLash on the Internet at a whopping range of price points.  I also read reviews from users who thought it was both, "incredible" and "a complete waste of money".  Naturally I'm hoping I will inherit my sister's results.

I am a  fan.  They offer great customer service and many perks to frequent buyers.  They also lavishly sample, so every new purchase will come with a generous free surprise.  They were offering a special to try SmartLash for $29.99 (it retails on Amazon for $100)  and the option to have the product automatically renewed at this price at either 30 or 60 day intervals.  I opted in to the 60 day option, knowing I would either have satisfactory results in that span or the ability to cancel.

Is SmartLash as a smart buy?  I haven't a clue...but I will keep you posted and I will update you next month on Valentine's Day.

Fingers crossed...

***** Update: After 15 mos. of using SmartLash with good results, I have hit the lash wall.  Follow me on my latest lash journey:

*****Second Update:  Best result OF ALL were achieved with Grande Lash MD. Here is a link with pictures.  I think it blows SmartLash and  PTR away:


  1. I hope it works! :)

    I was a Dermstore fan too, but not anymore. Since the day they decide to increase their international shipping cost, which is now US$80. 

    Not fair. And not honest in my opinion. 

  2. After over a month of use, I quickly went back to Latisse.....the only difference I noticed was that my lashes were going back to my pre-Latisse days.

  3. Wow Renata!
    That is INSANE!!!  I hope there are more reasonable alternatives out there for you.

  4. Latisse is the gold standard, no doubt!  You are lucky you can tolerate it Camacama.  It was soooo irritating for me.  Hoping for the best!

  5. Yes, there are! (their loss)
    I just think it's fair that everybody knows about their insanity ;)

  6. I've been using Revitalash for about 3 months and it really works.I had the bloodshot eyes until I read a comment to do the following: wash your eyelids and lashes with baby shampoo. I tried that plus I use OCuSOFT eyelid cleanser and it works.

  7. i'm on my sixth week with smartlash sample but have not seen any results, should i continue for another two!!!

  8. Oh, so sorry to hear this is not working for you. I would probably finish what I started, but not bother with SmartLash again. It's hard to know why what works for one doesnt work for another. I tried NeuLash awhile back after my aunt and cousin had such success they needed to trim their lashes with a cuticle scissor. Me? Nada!


  9. I have used Smartlash for around 1 1/2 months and hello lashes! it works and I also used Latisse,but the expense and application process is inferior to smart lash. You have to be consistent and use it every night. Jus a little mascara and I'm good to go.

  10. Smart lash falls way behind revitalash. A friend had given me a tub of revitalash and unfortunately, when I ran out, I turned to Smart lash as it was less expensive....what a waste of my money. It might as well have been water I put on my lids......Revitalash you are wonderful!!!

  11. I think different lash enhancers work for different people. I used Revitalash with zero results. There was another product a few years back (now discontinued since it actually had some of the same chemical properties as Latisse and was sold over the counter at Saks), my aunt and cousin used it. They grew the equivalent of false eyelashes! Me? Nada! A lot of this is trial and error, for the individual.
    I know longer use Smartlash, but Lash Em. It works for me and I like not having to be enrolled in an automatic renewal plan to buy it at a good price.
    Thanks for commenting!




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