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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Golden Globe Beauty and Hair How To's:

2012 Golden Globe Red Carpet Beauty Trends
By Salon AKS Hair and Makeup Artist, Sadah Saltzman

I received this fantastic Golden Globes Beauty recap from AKS!!!!  I must share this with you, exactly as written and pictured.  Enjoy! 

Trend: Red Carpet Ponytails

“A ponytail is the perfect way to accentuate another part of your look like your jewelry or, makeup. Julianna Margulies’ sleek ponytail shows off her green earrings while Amanda Peet drew attention to her dark lined, smoke eyes with her do.”

Trend: Waves

“The key to waves on the red carpet is prepping your hair with a volumizing mousse before styling.”

Trend: Low hanging, side updo

“These looks work best with a more severe side part, and the hair can be swept to the side, like Mary J. Blige, or back, like Jessica Alba. If you pull hair it to the side, make sure it's balanced well so it doesn't look like a ball of hair on the side of your head. Kate Winslet’s variation has her hair with one side pulled a little tighter while keeping the other side loose.”

Trend: Headbands

“To make a headband work on the red carpet keep it feminine by leaving some hair exposed around your face (instead of pushing it all back) like Charlize Theron and Michelle Williams.”

Trend: Red Lip

“Angelina Jolie and Claire Danes stood out on the red carpet with their bright pop of red on their lips. Instead of matte pigmented color on the lips like we've seen in the past, this red is highly pigmented but still has a subtle sheen and moisturized finish to it without being shiny.”

How to Recreate Nicole Richie’s Hair:

Tease the hair around the crown of your head first. Pull the sides up first and pin with bobby pins (leaving the top out). Then pull the top over the sides- creating a sleek but feminine faux hawk.

How to Recreate Reese Witherspoon’s Hair:
Tossle hair that has been prepped with a volumizing mousse, like Phyto Volume Mousse, and blast with a dryer. There’s no need to use brush while drying, just tossle with your fingers. Once dry, wrap big sections of hair around a one inch curling iron. Spray with a light holding texturizing hairspray, like Moroccan Oil Hairspray. Flip hair upside down and use a texture spray to create an effortless, beachy look.

How To Recreate Emma Stone’s Smokey Eye:

Rim the top and bottom inside of the eyes with black eyeliner. Sweep metallic grey shadow on the entire lid. With a thin shadow brush, line the bottom lash line with the same metallic grey shadow. Use a slightly darker metallic tone shadow in the crease to give the eye more dimension. Then add a Lot of black mascara on the top and bottom of eyes to complete the look.

Now go get Golden Globes gorgeous...


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