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Thursday, January 26, 2012

DivaDebbi's Rules of Beauty Civility 2: Nail Salons

"No Talking" on the phone signs that
grace trains in France
My original cranky rant about the lack of common sense, manners and respect for fellow paying patrons, was in response to the woman who sat with a screaming baby on her lap while she had her hair colored, (and I had a migraine: 

This time, the infraction occurred at Cozy Nails, my weekly haven in Greenwich.  Who knew I would have the making of a series...or perhaps a book.

 I've missed the boat for years about this uber tidy salon.  Cozy employees great technicians, who never rush you and a plethora of "massager's", who graciously provide nearly continuous kneading throughout your entire manicure.

 I tip "Veronica" generously because I love this "free" service.  I was always the Girl face planted in the massage chair, like a slab of concrete, for "10 minutes", that always felt like two. This costs me less and I get sooo much more. It's my pleasure to thank Veronica for her services, (though I have seen some less than gracious tips proffered and was dismayed to recently hear a falsely cheery, "catch you next time")!!!

Wednesday, when  I went for my manicure, I excused myself to go to the ladies room first.  What I was really doing was scoping out the salon to make sure the the LOUD vibrato, headset mounted cell phone yapper, who destroyed my zen last week, was NOT on site...With the coast clear, I chose a color and took my seat.

"Not 100%, but how many days can I stay in with flu" ???, was her opening line...

(Terrific.  Anyone have a Haz Mat suit I can slip on?, I thought to myself as I veered sharply right).

"No". "Not another dime".

"Your my attorney, not his".  "Get it DONE".

"What are you NOT Getting"?

And on and on it went.  Clearly she was impervious to my death stares. I didn't know who I felt sorrier for...her Ex-husband, her Attorney, her Manicurist, her Massager, or me.

What possesses to people to be so rude, self absorbed and oblivious??? Can someone please enlighten me???  Has this happened to you???

Those who know me, know I'm pretty well tethered to my BlackBerry.  I don't think there is anything wrong with reading, writing or texting in a service setting, as long as it's all silent.  There are only a handful of people I would answer a call from and the hush, whispered words out of mouth would always be, "is everything OK? I'm having a manicure".  As civilized beings, the answer would more than likely be, "Yes. Enjoy. Talk to you later".

When I left last week, I tried to express my frustration to the owner and suggest that they consider a sign asking clients to please not use their cell phones during services.  I don't think it fell on deaf ears, just ones that clearly had English language limitations.

I looked around hopefully today for my proposed sign, but it was not to be. Luckily at least, neither was the headsetted harpy.  Score one for me and the Cozy Girls.

Condolences to the Ex and the Attorney.



  1. Amen- I totally agree. What a rude and boorish woman. No wonder she is divorcing. I love France for taking initiative with placing up signs. I'd be tempted to have some made and offer them to my favourite salons.

  2. Did you evah Jane?  My friend Ginger is coaching me on how to find my voice when these incidents crop up!  Stay tuned!



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