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Sunday, January 22, 2012

La Peau Skincare- Good to the Last Drop!

La Peau Skincare Trio ( Eye $60, Day $85, Night $90)
 When I test out a new skincare line, I generally like to give it at least a 3 or 4 week trial.  In that time, I can usually determine if there is any improvement in tone, firmness and fading of imperfections.  However, if the texture and smell are not pleasing, I will shut it down long before then.

The time around the Holidays is bit of blur between work, holiday parties and entertaining.  As I am beginning to savour the last of my La Peau trial, I hadn't realized I have been enjoying it for nearly 2 months now...why end a good thing???

I had noticed early on, that something special was happening, (  Though I have several high end skincare lines in my goodie closet ready to be tried, I can't help fantasizing how liberating it would be to sweep clean my vanity, and continue the New Year(s)! enjoying the amazing results just 3 La Peau products produced.

Imagine, simplifying your routine to a Day, Night and Eye cream loaded with anti-oxidents, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, clinically proven to purify, nourish cells, increase hydration and renew skin's elasticity!

I no longer have to imagine...I am living proof of the efficacy of the labor of love created by skincare experts and sisters Carla-Maria and Irma Khanjian who own Swiss based La Peau Skincare .  Not a day goes by that someone doesn't comment on how lovely my skin looks.  How nice is that???  One of my darling co-workers, Lilly, 15 years my junior (!), tells me everyday she wished her skin looks as good as mine.

Well Lilly and all my other lovelies, I won't deny that I have inherited the family good skin genes which my mother, sister, aunt's and cousin's also enjoy:

My Grandmother Constance, 80, dancing at my wedding

But there is no doubt that special products can and do yield spectacular results that prior generations, like my Grandmother's could only dream of, (though I have fond memories of her liberally dousing the original pink Oil of Olay fluid on, morning and night. Look how far we have come)!

Are you ready to get started?  Simply click on this link, to safely purchase directly from La Peau Skincare. As for me, I can sum up my experience in one word: ENCORE!!!



  1. Girl,
    Even you cannot complain about 3 simple steps. You will love the feel and even more importantly, the results!




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