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Sunday, January 29, 2012

DivaDebbi's Review: Nexxus Volume Effexx Round Boar Jumbo Brush

Nexxus Volume Effexx Round Boar Jumbo Brush $19.95
at CVS (but $16.99 on their website...urrgghh)
I can't say I don't have good hair..I do.  Thick with a slight wave, stylist's getting a little glassy eyed when I sit in the chair.  I've seen the disconnect kick in quickly--it's almost like I ceased to exist.  All they want to do is get their mitts in there and cut or if its a blow-out tug.

As a result, I rarely love my hair when I leave the chair.  It's either too big or too flat. When I blow my hair, I'm generally happier with the volume, but miss the shine and crisp finish that you do get with professional styling.

I was on a CVS run yesterday, looking for a new John Frieda Flyaway Tamer, a DivaDebbi Best of 2011 pick, that I can't live without.  Heartbreak in aisle 2:  All sold out. Never one to leave a drugstore empty handed, I spotted Nexxus Volume Effexx Round Boar Jumbo Brush and pounced.

Here's the scoop:

Nexxus Effexx is a fusion of the newest technologies. This fusion of Tourmaline, Negative Ions, Ceramics and Nano Silver was professionally engineered and customized to provide you with long lasting, frizz-free voluminous styles. These styling tools obtain maximum hair control with even tension to catch and hold hair for volume styling and setting curls. Ions tighten cuticle layer and seal in natural oils Tourmaline eliminates frizz and seals the cuticle locking in moisture. Ceramics evenly distributes and hold heat longer so hair dry faster, minimizing damage. Nano silver helps eliminate hair pollutants that makes hair dry, brittle, frizzy and eventually break.

And the results:

Full, lush and finished looking hair.  Did I dream this?  Nope.  Could it resurrect this morning's bed head? Yup. I'm a bit awed by the high tech outcome of this low tech standby--the round brush.

Do you need this brush?:

Yes. You really do.  If I were you, I'd consider hopping in the car and hunting for a drugstore chain that is open 24 hrs.  It's that good.

Getting ready, pen in hand to do rate the flips and flops on the Red Carpet at the SAG Awards.  Don't forget to tune in tomorrow...


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