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Monday, January 2, 2012

Portrait of a Lady

I have a new addiction...I have spoken of it before.  My adoration for the daily fashion blog Red Carpet Fashion Awards.  Edited by its creator Catherine Kallon aka "Fashion Critic", aka FC, this Time Magazine top 25 website of 2011, brings us a prodigious amount of photos and commentary on what's being worn on the Red Carpet worldwide.  I'm awed by FC's output, and ability to seemingly be everywhere at once.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this website is that it fosters a community of fashion obsessed commenter's. FC engages us to express our own opinions and it's always interesting to see the diversity in our takes. Visiting this site each day had definitely sharpened my own eye and appreciation for great styling and all the details, tailoring, hair, makeup and accessories, that go into making a particular outfit a, "BDOTW" (Best Dressed of the Week) contender.

It also makes me really appreciate women who consistently make an effort to wow us with grace and beauty.  Here are some of my favorite "Ladies". Their style knows no age, race or ethnicity...only elegance:

Frieda Pinto


Victoria Beckham

Christine Baranski
Iris Apfel
Jennifer Lopez
Kirsten Dunst
Daphne Guiness

Emma Stone

Zoe Saldana
Sarah Jessica Parker

I don't always understand Lady Gaga's choices but I definitely appreciate her desire to keep us on our toes...Personally, I like her best when she surprises us with an occasional glimpse of her version of "ladylike"

Lady Gaga

So here's to FC and the little slice of beauty she shares with us everyday...quite a Lady.



  1. Love your criteria - love your choices and I couldn't agree more!

  2. Thanks Susan!
    I appreciate your comment. Don't you just love being a Girl?!

    Happy Healthy Year,



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