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Friday, June 25, 2010


I love my friend Linda Levy.  She and I can get equally nuts over a new born puppy as we can a good lip gloss.  We make no distinction in our passion.  When Linda came in gushing and glowing about  St. Tropez Self-Tanning Mousse  and the brilliantly configured application mitt,  I was immediately intrigued.  In addition,  there wasn't the vaguest glint of carrot hue to her even, natural looking "tan".  Best of all???  Linda's BFF  Lynn, is friends with one of the main movers and shakers at St. Tropez.  She was confident she could make a connection so I could sample it.  Love that too!!!

Of course I already knew about St. Tropez products.  They always receive tons of great press and editorial raves, for their ability to recreate what only nature truly can.  What  prevented me from purchasing it on my own???   $$$,  plain and simple,  it is much more expensive than the Jergens and Sublime products, (I have been haplessly cheating with).

I generously received, both the Self-Tanning Mousse that Linda described as well as the Self-Tanning Lotion, (sadly, they forgot the amazing mitt).    The mousse is a gentle white foam, that is meant to be used as
a gradual daily self tanner.   I have been applying it with an unused powder puff, to my face only before bed.  The lotion was a surprise, right out of the bottle.  It is a pine green liquid!!!  I couldn't imagine how I was going to come out of this without looking like Mrs. Sprout.  Fortunately, it glides on quickly and you can definitely see if anything is splotchy.  A little also goes a very long way, which is reassuring since the bottle retails for $30.

Here's the scoop,( from someone who has been self-tanning since the advent of Coppertone's Q-T)   St. Tropez Self-Tanning Liquid  is genius.  I am the same color I used to be after spending long days at Jones Beach, with nary a UVA or UVB ray in sight.  What is missing is that unmistakable tell tale orange.  This also somehow manages to make my freckles less noticeable because the tone has more natural cast to it.  St.Tropez also makes other products as well, that tan instantly and wash off later.  Oh.  I almost forgot this other slice of joy...there is almost no smell I said, genius.

So, here I am gushing and glowing as well.  Worth the spuh-lurge, Girls.  This is in a class by itself.  When my sample runs out,  I will be running to replace it.  The perfect sunless suntan???  Worth every  $$$.


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