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Friday, June 4, 2010

The Melting Months

The humidity is already starting to creep up in New York, giving me pause to think about my eye cream/serum/moisturizer/primer/tinted moisturizer routine...somethings got to give.

As if a Genie was looking over my shoulder, that afternoon I received a sample, (via messnger)!, of COVERGIRL & Olay's Simply Ageless Serum Primer... Thank you Beauty Gods!!!

I used it yesterday for the first time. Multi-tasking as always, I applied it and then went to check in on what fresh commotion my new kitty was stirring up in the bedroom. When I came back, I looked in the mirror and literally hummed a few bars of "I Feel Pretty" to myself. Wow! Flawless. Primed. What I didn't realize was how hydrating it was. I could easily have skipped the additional midday I was a puddle.

Today I tried again, this time just using eye cream, Simply Ageless Serum Primer and Revlon's Spa Illuminator in Bronze Light. A much better plan. My skin feels hydrated and dewy, not excessively oily---no mop and shine today.

I loved the light, creamy texture of this newly combined product, Olay's Regenerist Serum, on its own, as a slippery, eel like feeling, (that literally makes my skin crawl, despite a devoted following). It promises, "8 hours of continuous hydration, a facelift effect, Amino-Peptides to improve texture, glycerin to firm skin's appearance, and increased rate of exfoliation over time". As well, it is oil free and suitable for sensitive skin. Now that's multi-tasking.

CoverGirl & Olay's Simply Ageless Serum costs $13.99 and will be available in mass-market outlets nationwide in July. Don't will still have two thirds of the summer left to try it. If it really helps me achieve results, I will be sure to continue using it, long after the melting months.

Here's hoping...


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  1. CoverGirl JenniferWednesday, May 11, 2011

    WOW, I have never seen such amazing art work and it has alot of detail well done




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