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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I have two friends who keep their "Spray Tanner" on speed dial. "Christina", gets high marks for creating a streakless tan, adding a little definition where you need it and making everyone feel uninhibited, whether you are buck naked or in a paper thong. Sublime! The last time I wore a dress as short as the one I wore to the SATC2 premiere, was in the third grade. I thought a visit to Christina beforehand seemed like a great idea...apparently it did as well, to the dozen people already booked ahead of me.

Ruh-Ro...plan B. I had been toying with buying J.Glo's fave, Scott Barnes Body Bling a temporary tanner, that gets high marks for color on the body, but low marks for color on the clothes. I have used other L'Oreal Sublime products, that both include a dollop of self tanner; their daily moisturizer and tinted gel bronzer. I do think they have got a good thing going... pleasant smell (for self tanner), effective and very well priced. There latest offering, Sublime Bronze One Day Tinted Gel was on sale at CVS for $10.99. Done.

Christina wasn't available, but in a pinch, I can recruit my husband to do a first class job of applying self tanner to my flip side, (I recommend also bring along a warm sudsy wash cloth, just against your "buddy" refuses to believe their palms will be carrot hued in a few hours...we have been down that rabbit hole before).

I think Sublime Bronze One Day Tinted Gel is a clear winner. I like the ability to apply it and be confident that it is streak free, with no surprises. The color was rich and natural, there is no unpleasant smell, no transfer to my clothes and it removed evenly and effortlessly in the shower. I tried it on my face only, in place of moisturizer and sans makeup to a pool party on Sunday. It remained flawless and streak free, even after I applied sunscreen.

Kudos L'Oreal...Sublime One Day Tinted Gel is.


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