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Monday, June 28, 2010

On Target

I ask you rhetorically, have you ever left a Target store, without spending at least $100 bucks???  It is the Newton's Apple law of retailing, impossible to defy...

Mission:  A bathing suit for my son.  Done.  Mission Addition:  Venus Embrace cartridges, an extra Clairol Root Kit, Q-Tips,  Degree Men's Deodorant,  Fancy Feast,  a new runner for my laundry room,  double stuffed Milano's and a case of Poland Spring Water.  Would any trip to Target be complete without checking out the Cosmetics department???   Again, rhetorically speaking,  certainly not.

I love that they have pursued some niche cosmetic brands that are exclusively theirs.  I think Pixi is an adorable name for example, but I know precious little about this London born brand.   I have always liked the concept of sheer gel cheek stains, (particularly for the summer), but the colors often look bright and garish and I just don't buy the whole, "it will tone down when you apply it" pitch.

Be still my heart!!!  Natural No.1, is exactly the shade of nude pink that I covet and can never brainer.  Plop, in the cart, though I was surprised at the un-Target $20 price...oh those pesky imports.  I had recently received a sample of CoverGirl's Liquid Line Blast, but unfortunately, something akin to  Grasshopper, is not my shade.  I did have an inkling that in black, this smooth, gel based formula would make a great travelling companion for my makeup case,  since I don't travel  with Bobbi Brown's Eye Liner Gel and a tapered brush, (except on vacation).

Mission Accomplished:  The bathing suit fit, the kitty liked his tuna, the runner looked right and I used my new gel blush and eyeliner this morning.  Both exceeded my expectations.  The Pixi  Cheek Gel is sheer as promised, but imparts just the right amount of pop.  The Liquid Line Blast is a snap to use and if it holds up through today's humidity, may replace my beloved BBELG.   It's a great product, but it does require skilled, dexterity that I don't possess, (hence the Q-Tips).

It's all good...but the next time I need to get my son a bathing suit, I think I will pop into Bloomingdales...Do you think, as I do,  that it would end up being cheaper???  Rhetorically speaking, of course...


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