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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Avon Calling

The very first glycolic pad I ever used, was Avon's Clinical Advanced Retexturing Peel  They were simple to use, well priced and left my skin with a perpetual glow.  I was so enamored with this product, that I recommended it to anyone and everyone.  I am sure they thought I was leading a double life as an Avon Lady.  I can't recall where I purchased them from and I used them for quite some time, before falling in love, with a similar product by Dr. Denese.   I eventually left Dr. Denese in the dust after moving on to my latest product crush, Peter Thomas Roth's Un-Wrinkle Pads.   Having recently tested some new products from Anew's Regenerist  and Clinical line, I think it may be time to look at Anew,  well...anew.   The results are stellar.

In addition to dedicating millions of dollars to Breast Cancer Research to help women stay healthy,  Avon also has an impressive team of scientists developing products that clinically help women look more youthful.
There lastest breakthrough, Activinol Technology,  is shown to,increase the production of Activin to help boost skin's ability to repair itself and recreate fresh, new skin..   Avon is the first to use this patent-pending complex of two biologically derived phytochemicals. Amorphophallus stimulates Activin production to help trigger skin's repair process, while Sesbania boosts skin's support structure to help deliver less wrinkled skin".

I have been testing three products,  Anew Reversalist , Eye Illuminating System, (a winner),  Anew Reversalist Renewal Day Cream, ( a wee chalky and heavily fragranced)  and the delicious smelling Anew Clinical Luminosity Brightening Serum.  This is their topical answer to laser resurfacing, to "dramatically diminish dark spots"  while boosting radiance, with injectible grade L-Aspartic Acid.   I love how my skin looks after applying this gel to cleansed skin.  While it's only recommended for use once daily at night, I can't resist using it in the morning, as well.

I visited Avon's website to see what else I should be adding to my Reversalist repertoire.  I was happy to see my old love,  Anew Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel recently received a best product designation from Allure.  There were two night creams and a micro-dermabrasion system that I could give a happy home.

Cutting edge, without cutting...  Avon Anew,  I'm all over it---again.



  1. barbara newmanSunday, June 20, 2010

    Loved reading this... and love the company. They're always coming up with something..a new! xxo

  2. use summerfs for free shipping

  3. I agree Barb! I also like the name Reversalist...It has a similar sound and packaging to Olay's Regenerist...hard to know if this was intentional or not! As a breast cancer survivor, I truly appreciate their dedication to funding bc research.

    D. (just one for you)!




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