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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Public Displays of Grooming...Uggghh!   During my commuter days, long ago,  I was frequently surprised by the P.D.G's  of my fellow passengers.  Offenses included, but were not limited to;  fingernail clipping,  polish removal and application,  nose hair trimming and the unforgettable fellow, who tackled his 5:00 o'clock shadow, with a Sunbeam electric razor.

I went to N.Y. yesterday, to preview some Resort collections.  Rushing to make my train,  I realized I would soon be choosing between and on time departure and getting my mascara applied.  No worries!  I could always put my mascara on, on the train.  P.D.G...Uggghh!

Small glitch, beyond my lapse in manners...I had no mirror!!!  Did I dare attempt this without one?  Isn't makeup application one of my few true talents?  Yes, I could do this.   I have been using the white primer, in Maybelline's XXL Pro Volume Mascara,  as a base and first coat,...impossible to mess up, easy peasy.   The challenge would be the second coat of Bobbi Brown's Everything Mascara.   Slow and steady, top, bottom, top, bottom and thankfully, no lurching stops,  no scratched corneas.

It occurred to me that what I really need, (and I think you may, as well) is a mirror app for my cell  Think of the potential, a quick glance and you could be spared the humiliation of sporting parsley in your incisors until it was time to brush your teeth that night,  (why do people withhold this valuable  nugget of  information)?, a discreet swipe of lipstick and yes, in a pinch, full out mascara app, on a speeding train.

I arrived at our appointment, and quickly made excuses to visit the powder room,  hesitantly taking a look in the mirror, Q-Tip at the ready...Impossibly, it was perfect.   Later on,  I did some Internet research, and in fact,  a mirror app is available by some providers,  though not mine.

On second thought, maybe it's a mixed blessing.  I can only imagine what other grooming feats might  enter the P.D.G.  arena.  Who knows...years from now, somebody may Blog on this very subject and will be sure to include the transgression of the crazy lady who applied mascara on the train without a mirror.


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