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Thursday, June 17, 2010

O.K. Darlings, crunch time...I missed part 2 of the Real Housewives of New York's Reunion Show on Monday, because we were celebrating my beautiful, hilarious friend Naki's Birthday.   I am hunkering down, incommunicado, from 8-10, while I catch up on 2 and catch 3.  I am even powering off on my Blackberry.  This is serious.
I liked this TotalBeauty Bit,  about best and worst summer hair products.  I have been curious about adding Dry Shampoo to my beauty cabana and appreciate the heads up on Bumble &Bumble's Hair Powder's pathetically low rating.   Conversely, their Surf Spray,  a cult fave,  for creating beachy, textured waves, (think yawn Jennifer Aniston), wins big props from TotalBeauty reviews and i will buy it, try it and Blog about it.   

So take a peek, at your convenience, anytime after 10.


Find out which hair care products are the best and worst ones to use as temperatures rise
Summer Hairstyling Tools: the Duds and the Winners
This is a hair care article
Total Beauty readers let us know which products help de-frizz and add sexy summer waves and which ones just make hair look greasy and gross. average reader rating: 6.1
Worst: No. 4: Frederic Fekkai Summer Hair Beach Waves, $23

"This product definitely did not work …" average reader rating: 5.9

No. 3: Charles Worthington London Big Hair Full Volume Texturizing Salt Spray, $5.99
"Makes your hair look dirty …" average reader rating: 7.8

Best: No. 8: Frederic Fekkai Summer Hair Zero-Humidity Frizz Control, $23
"This product helps keep my flyaways under control …"

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