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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Or more correctly DivaDebbi. OY!!!. Those of you who know me personally, know I am pathetically technically challenged and the existance of this Blog is akin to a weeping Madonna.

Yesterday I noticed that "Blogger" was offering new "Designer" templates, to update the look of your Blog, without having to hire a web designer. Ooooooooo I couldn't resist looking. Of course, because of the short comings mentioned above, I never backed up my original layout. Big mistake.

8 hours later and with the help of my husband, who is Steve Jobs, compared to me, we know why my Blog won't post all of my the usual features, but not how to fix it. Urggghhh!!!.

I have enlisted the cyberworld's help, through Blogger, trying to keep my melodrama to a minimum and put in an urgent call to Chris Yemahya, who is a Web Master, who will gently pull me out of this descent into madness.

In the interim, if comments still work, let me know what you think of how my site looks so far...Alice and I both loved all those pretty colors, too bad nothing is making any sense.


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