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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Double Duty for the cosmetics you already own

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Makeup

I receive a lot beauty and fashion related emails daily, some interesting, some not. This one arrived and I have to say it resonated with me.  The photo above looks achingly familiar.  Lord knows I have way too many samples and have made dozens of mistakes. 

These are some simple suggestions for how to make the cosmetics you already own multi-taskers.  It was created by Casey Casteline, Co-founder of the website, a site that allows women to trade, negotiate and barter cosmetics samples.

Take a peek:
  • Mascara Wands
    • Use as eyebrow brushes or spritz a little hairspray on them and use to tame pesky flyaways.
  • Foundation
    • If it doesn’t match your skin tone it may serve perfectly as an eye shadow primer.
  • Lip Sticks
    • Have your lipstick pull double-duty as a blush if you realize you’ve run out at the last minute.
  • Powder Eye Liner
    • Add a little water to powder eye liner to turn it into a liquid for a different look.
  • Eye Shadow
    • Shadows that match your roots can easily be brushed in to hide them if your hair has grown out a bit.
    • Apply a dark shadow to your eyelashes prior to your mascara to give them a boost in volume.
  • Plain Lip Balm
    • Apply around the inside of the eye with your finger to act as a highlighter.
  • Hairspray
    • Allow a light mist of hairspray to fall on your face after you’ve applied your makeup to set it for the day.
  • Eye Cream
    • Use a hydrating eye cream in the place of lip balm if you run out. It will keep your lips supple and give them a light shine.

From one Girl's Girl to the next Casey,  I thank you.


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