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Friday, March 28, 2014

Not Your Grandmother's Skin Care: Avon Anew Clinical Infinite Lift

Avon Anew Clinical Infinite Lift

Back in November, The New York Times ran an article in their Thursday Style section, on skincare that has it roots in Grandma's kitchen, like Salma Hayek's Nuance line for CVS.

Here's the thing...I prefer every drop of science that can be squeezed into my skincare.  Why?  Because I find it more efficacious, (though I will admit natural stuff sometimes smells fantastic.)

I think all of the OTC peels, exfoliants and serums plus the wide use of lasers and Botox have done a superb job of keeping our fine lines and wrinkles at bay and I don't think there is a thing Granny could have cooked up that competes with it. 

What this has left the beauty industry wide open to address, is the other bane of women's aging concerns; SAGGING SKINYes, gravity is our enemy and the longer we stick around the further toll it takes on our necks and jawlines.

When my friends at Tractenberg PR sent me the press information on Avon Anew's new breakthrough Clinical Infinite Lift, naturally I requested a sample be FedExed overnight. I couldn't wait to try it.  Here's all the good stuff:

For starters, it's fun to use! I can be a bit of dolt when it comes to anything vaguely tricky in terms of packaging. I did manage to master that the product is dispensed only when it is twisted to the "on" position. When squeezed gently, a small amount of Infinite Lift serum flows over a cool, smooth metal applicator, that gets rolled under the neck, jawline and cheekbones.

I once tried a product that dispenses like this from Sephora's skincare line. It was a mess and I quickly returned it. Avon Anew nailed it.

The other plus is that whatever is in there, is also is designed to "instantly" provide some lifting and contouring action. If you get overzealous, it will feel sticky, so it's best to use a small amount of product and then tap it in gently in an upward direction.

Here's the information that I received about Avon Clinical Infinite Lift: 

The Breakthrough: Understanding women want tighter, firmer more lifted looking skin, the anti-aging pioneers at Avon developed an advanced lifting product that targets visible signs of sagging and provides a multi-dimensional looking lift that tightens, defines, firms, and contours the look of skin. The specialized treatment in ANEW Clinical Infinite Lift is for areas prone to sagging to help with an overall lifted look to leave skin looking visibly tighter and younger.

The Backstory: Over time, key dermal building blocks begin to diminish in skin which can cause it to lose its natural elasticity and firmness – one of the most tell-tale signs of aging. ANEW Clinical Infinite Lift was developed by Avon scientists and the result is a revolutionary new way to counteract the look of how skin naturally sags and deliver a more lifted appearance. The product addresses contouring – for dramatic yet natural looking results.

The Technology: In the search for an anti-aging ingredient that would help give multidimensional looking results, Avon scientists turned towards peptides, a compound consisting of amino acids naturally found in skin. The result is the patent-pending PolyPeptide Lift Complex found in ANEW Clinical Infinite Lift.

·          ANEW Clinical Infinite Lift Targeted Contouring Serum ($39.99): Featuring a unique massaging applicator to target the four key facial zones prone to sagging (cheeks, chin, jowls, jaw), this effective serum combines the PolyPeptide Lift Complex with a high concentration of seven instant skin-tighteners including a pharmaceutical grade one for fast acting, fast lifting results.

From the Expert: “The ANEW Clinical Infinite Lift is a targeted very advanced, highly effective way to dramatically lift the look of skin. Powered by the innovation of PolyPeptide Lift Complex, this is a game changer.” – Dr. Cheryl Karcher, NYC Board-certified Dermatologist and Professional Consultant for Avon

WHERE TO BUY: Available exclusively through Avon Representatives. To locate an Avon Representative
call 1-800-FOR-AVON or visit

My skin does appear firmer and I think that alone, will catapult Infinite Lift into a bestseller. I don't really see any claims here for more permanent results and since this is a very new product, none of us have been using it long enough to see a change and report on it.

For now, I'm happy enough with the instant thing and I think you may be too...


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