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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The RealReal is the RealDeal

Are you missing out? You needn't be. Fashionable women, (nearly the world over,) are consigning their unwanted luxury fashion items on The RealReal.

The site is gorgeously curated and easy to navigate. They also pay a generous 70%, higher than any consignment store I know of, based on the prices their team of experts deem equitable.

Your expectations have to be reasonable, with the exception of Hermes Birken and Kelly Bags, few things will maintain anywhere close to the value you originally paid and they have the data based on sales to back it up. Don't fret...every check you receive will feel like found money--- the things you will consign simply languishing in your closet anyway. With over a million viewers a day, things also sell quickly.

The RealReal is discriminating and only accept certain designers. Try not to take it personally. It helps keep the site exceptional and chances are like most consignors, you will also be a buyer as well.

This white glove service has a team of Merchandise Managers who will come to your house and help you edit your offerings or simply pick your items up.  You can manage your account and view all of your items at any time. For those in the tri-state area, please reach out to my friend and MM the fabulous Monica Webster at this link.

Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of being her guest for a very special evening at Lafayette NYC.  CEO Julie Wainwright and her team from the West Coast, were in town to announce the launch of The RealReal's new Art Division.

The magnificent Amy Fine Collins, CEO Julie Wainwright and Suzy Welch
(photo's by Will Regozzino BFA, excuse the tags please)

Julie explained that clients frequently asked if they could consign their art during clothing pick ups. Beautiful things were stashed under beds and in climate controlled closets and bathrooms.  She saw an opportunity to create liquidity in Art the same way she did in Fashion. The division will officially launch in November.

DivaDebbi and Monica Webster

I was thrilled to have a moment with one of my personal fashion idols, Best Dressed Hall of Fame luminary and writer Amy Fine Collins.  She couldn't be more gracious as I stalked her and then uncharacteristically, became tongue tied...the woman is a Goddess!  Sadly, my camera was whirling on video with no light.

Till next time...

So get on board.  I have, as both a consignor and buyer. Tell your friends and earn merchandise credit too..everybody wins! If you do contact them to schedule an appointment, kindly let them know that you learned about them from this blog DivaDebbi (Debbi OShea). 

I wish Julie and her team both continued and new success...She's a trailblazer and a visionary.  I wouldn't bet against her...


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