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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review: Shu Uemura's Volume Maker

Shu Uemura Volume Maker Precision
 Texturizing Powder $48

My hairstylist Lucas Magnum at Becker Salon in Greenwich, recently returned from some training sessions in Barcelona. I love that Becker appreciates the art of keeping his staff on the "cutting edge" of hair and color... He came back with a few new tricks up his sleeve leaving me with my best haircut years and another that has him nearly possessed...

Lucas knows I love some volume in my hair, particularly at the crown. (If I could surgically implant a Bump-It back there, I would--I would have loved the 60's).  He couldn't wait to demonstrate his new toy, Shu Uemura's Volume Maker on me.

It's simple enough to use.  Simply click some of the 'invisibile' except I can see it  on to the Kabuki brush and stipple it into your roots, any place you want to add volume. Then use your fingers to activate the product and tease with your fingertips... Voila!!! Instant Va-Va!

It also purports to absorb oil, but I must say that after a few days, my roots appeared separated and oilier than normal, but oh those first few days!!! Be still my heart.

This is not an inexpensive product, but it's super effective and highly portable.  I did some Googling around and was able to find it on a European site for considerably less, even with shipping and the exchange rate.

Mine arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait to use it this morning.  The big test is always if you can recreate your stylist's magic when you DIY.  

So could I and am I? Yes and possessed.

You will be too...


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