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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Month:Touch the Ta Ta's

I Wear Pink for All Women!

I Wear Pink for All Women! by divadebbi 

October, International Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a great thing. Cities, all over the world alight and align for this cause that effects 1 in 8 women each year.

It also brings with it, a certain wariness for survivors.  Believe me, it's not that we are not grateful for funds raised and donated, but it resonates at times like a sledge hammer and sometimes, rings a bit hollow.

Since August, I have received dozens and dozens of PR pitches to promote products that are donating proceeds from sales of specially issued products.  Forgive me for being weary, it just brings a lot of difficult memories to the fore.

The photo of me above, with my sister Loren, was taken at last years Breast Cancer Alliance of Greenwich annual Luncheon and Fashion Show

For the last several years, my employers, the Mitchell family, have generously underwritten part of this event and provide the fashion show.

Last year, I was asked to share my survivor story, which I did, in front of many special friends as well as over 900 other women and men.  It's taken me a year to write about it...

Getting up in front of all of these people didn't rattle me.  What was much harder to do, was recount, edit, relive and retell my own story...Our family history, how my lump was found, my diagnosis, surgeries, receiving the horrible news four years later that I was BrCa1 positive and at huge risk for a recurrence or worse, Ovarian cancer.  My decision to do prophylactic surgery. My support of other women and the organizations that do the same...Emotionally, I was exhausted from it.

Intentionally, I planned a long weekend away in Florida with Girl friends immediately after.  Hurricane Sandy blew into town and turned it into an extended stay with some wonderful friends.  I was grateful to regroup and relax.

I had always planned to write about that day.  It was very special, not just for me, but for all who worked tirelessly for the day to be the success that it was...I just didn't have it in me.

As we approach the luncheon again this year on November 7th at the Greenwich Hyatt, I am reminded of why I am still a part of this committee. The funds raised at these luncheons are a culmination of a year's worth of work for many volunteers.  The Chairs of these events, essentially, work full time for one year, for free.  It is a sacrifice, but where the money goes-- directly to deserving researchers, is what will change the face of this disease one day. Huge strides have been made since my own diagnosis in detection and treatment, but the big pay day, a cure is within their grasp, I'm sure of it.

I'd love to see it my lifetime.  So this is why I still wear pink:

All my love and touch those Ta Ta's in the shower Girls with your hands, not a bath sponge.  That's how I missed my lump...


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  1. I read this with tears... you are the Pink Goddess of Goodness! I loved this so much I sent it to Doug.. he should really know just how special you are... my forever friend. xxo



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